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Enjoy Comforting Springs in Jinan

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As Jinan boasts a number of natural springs amid picturesque scenery, it is known as the "City of Spring". The city tree of Jinan is the willow, and the city flower is the lotus. As a historical city with more than 2600 years history, Jinan is a cradle of Chinese civilization.

It is famed for the many artesian springs in and around the city area. The groundwater flowing from the southern mountain area spouted out and formed more than 100 artesian springs in Jinan City area. Baotu Spring, Pearl Spring, Black Tiger Spring and Five Dragons Pool are taken as the most well known. Located in the center of Jinan city, Baotu Spring is famous for its spring and man-made landscapes. It is also the most famous of the three major places of interests in Jinan and hence the symbol of Jinan city.

There are 27 springs in the Baotu Spring Park such as the famous Jinxian spring, Shuyu spring, horse run spring, crouching ox spring, Huanghua spring, willow spring etc. As a must-see attraction in Jinan it is really a treasured city park featuring springs.

There is another famous spot consist of springs - Daming Lake. You may find the name familiar as it is the hometown of Xiayuhe - a famous character in a household soap opera. Be regarded as one of three must-see attractions in Jinan (they are Baotu Spring, Daming Park and Thousand Buddha Mountain), Daming lake is a natural lake formed from many springs. Constant water level which unaffected by heavy rains or drought is the feature of this lake. There are six islands in Daming Lake contain flowers, trees and other plants flourishing amongst the various pavilions. The lake is a center of activity and you can find fish leaping near yachts and boats


The Jinan International Festival for Winter Swimming is an important event in promoting Jinan’s spring tourism. Integrating tourism and sports, the Jinan International Festival for Winter Swimming has become a window for the world to understand Jinan, as well as an important platform for the globalization of Jinan. The event has actively promoted spring culture and tourism, demonstrated the image of Jinan and enhanced the international popularity and influence of Jinan. The last two sessions have been successfully held in 2012 and 2013, and many winter swimming enthusiasts from dozens of countries are attracted to the area every year. It has gradually developed into the most professional international winter swimming event in China, with the highest number of participating countries and regions.

It is also the only winter swimming event held at an actual spring scenic spot in China. This event has greatly stimulated the consumption of winter tourism.

Thanks to its long history, Jinan has been designated by the State Council as a famous historical and cultural city. As Jinan is famous for its numerous springs, it would keep promoting the International Festival for Winter Swimming in order to invite more people to learn about China and experience its kindness and harmony.

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