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Enjoy Delicious Canton Snacks in Guangzhou

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There is a saying goes “eat in Guangdong” in China. Actually, people in Guangdong love to eat, and they know exactly how to eat, except the plane and the stool, Guangzhou people eat everything in the sky and on the earth. From this common saying, they can get some idea of the variety of Guangzhou's delicacies, which make Guangdong the paradise of delicious food. Guangzhou dishes, also known as Cantonese cuisine, are cooked with a variety of ingredients to enable the food delicious, refreshing and nutritious.

Cantonese cuisine is one the Chinese four great cuisines. Compared with other Chinese cuisines, these local dishes use few thick spicy dressings in order to keep from masking the original taste of the food. Cantonese cuisine centralizes in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province. Guangzhou food is famous all over world for its quality and variety. However, their abundant snacks are my primary motivation for a travel to Guangzhou. Here are the famous Guangzhou snacks I love the most.
Foreigners say 'All delicious food is in Guangzhou'. The local people say, 'delicacies are at Xiguan of the city'. Xiguan preserves lots of famous traditional snacks. The most lively and popular place is definitely the Shangxia Jiu Lu.
Local people like tea-drinking, especially in the morning, they even deem it as a longtime habit. Teahouses are all filled up before 11:00 in the morning. Herbal tea can eliminate summer heat from the human body and cure the sore throats caused by winter dryness.

Wang Laoji Herbal Tea is the most famous local tea. Cantonese drink Gongfu Tea for enjoyment in their leisure time. It was popular in the Chaozhou and Shantou areas, and now has spread in Guangzhou. Serving Guangfu Tea requires strict attention to the teapot, tea leaves, the water quality and even how to make the tea, how to pour and how to drink the tea. The teapot in use is as small as a fist and the teacup as small as half a Pingpong ball. How about try it yourself?
Once upon arrival in Guangzhou, you’ll find many Tangshui House all over the place. Tangshui literarily means Sweet Water, but actually it is somewhat like a soft drink with the ingredients being fruits and vegetables. The local people are partial to Tangshui. They regard it as nutritious food. 'Boiled' Tangshui is a hot drink and the 'frozen' one is the soft drink. The most popular Tangshui store is the Taiping Guan Icehouse on Beijing Lu.
There is another snack that you’ll be interested given you love to try something new, Shuang Pi Nai (Double-Skin Milk).

Simmered milk has a frozen cover made of the mixture of egg white and milk, Hence the name Double-Skin Milk. When finished, this food appears to be pure white and semisolid. It tastes soft and sweet. And most importantly, it has much nutritional value, good for your health.
As Cantonese love to live a health life, they try every method to keep their own balance. For example, being afraid of suffering from excessive internal heat, Cantonese love to have Guiling Gao. That is a kind of brown jelly that holds the shape of the vessel.

It is said the Guiling Gao can clear internal heat. The bitterer, the better. All in all, Guangzhou will be a paradise provided you are looking for a wonderful journey for your tongue. Give it a try!

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