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Enjoy Fabulous Scenes of Qiandao Lake

 2014-03-17    Young    Sights    Zhejiang    2568  

Qiandao Lake is situated at the Chun'an County of Zhejiang Province. It's a famous scenic spot of our great country and the world natural heritage with excellent tourist resources. Qiandao Lake has an advantageous geographic position and a vast number and variety of tourist resources. It's the lake with the most islands in the world. If you ascend to one of the islands and look down, you could have a panoramic view of the azure lake, slightly wrinkled in the winds and extending to the distant horizon. You could also have an overall view of the infinite rolling sea below and in the distance the two islands and some other isles in the lake.

Because of clean water and fine watersheds, the Qiandao lake is rich in natural fishpond and provides moisture and water for the diverse array of creatures surrounding it and a habitat for various wild birds, which makes it become one of the natural world's stunning sites of beauty. Never in your life had you gazed on beautiful scenes, so that you cannot even believe that Qiandao lake ever was an artificial lake. It's totally poetry. All the islands were floating on its green water. No matter how great and profound it is, Qiandao Lake has not lost its transparency. Great Qiandao Lake not only has vasty and treacherous splendid scenes, but also offers spiritual matrical and naturally-formed attractive artistic conceptions with much beauty to be appreciated.

The islands of Qiandao Lake are different from each other in shape and size, especially emphasizing individual beauty. Many small isles with stunning scenery are scattered in the lake. The rich perfection of Qiandao Lake at once revealed a world and gratified all people's needs. At another level, the trek through the lake could surely bring visitors in touch with a spectacular landscape and a rich culture. The plentiful and colourful scenery of Qiandao Lake had fully decorated the Qiandao Lake, and beautified your tour; they delight us and they are human being's treasures given by the great nature. The lake with so many islands is just like a world of beauty where you might linger on with no thought of leaving.

Qiandao Lake National Forest Park covers a total forested area of 448 square kilometers, with unique natural conditions, clear lines of islands and rivers, and luxuriant forests. Trees predominate the water area with lawns speckled with the scattered islands. Qiandao Lake's wonderful and rare natural scenery makes it a magnet for hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The tree and grass in spring are vigorous, while birds sing and flowers give force their fragrance.

It's said that the ecologists think that Qiandao Lake is a very productive kind of waterfront, which is totally teeming with richness and increase. The beautiful and resourceful lake is displaying even greater vigor and vitality. The richness and variety of the lake are particularly stunning. If you could visit only one tourist place in Chun'an County, the Qiandao Lake would be a worthy choice.

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