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Enjoy Glamorous Nightlife in Guangzhou Bar Streets

 2014-03-29    Selina Ou    Entertainment    Guangzhou    5251  

As one of the ten cities that have the most beautiful night views, Guangzhou’s nightlife has been one of the attractions for people traveling in Guangzhou. A night cruise along the Pearl River should be the primary choice for night entertainment in Guangzhou. But even a romantic Pearl River cruise with the dazzling lights and gorgeous nightscapes of the along architectures is not enough to say that you have enjoyed all the essences of Guangzhou’s nightlife, there are four bar streets in Guangzhou that gathers popular and unique bars are another places to enjoy the nightlife of Guangzhou. Here let’s get a close look at the four bar streets of Guangzhou.

Pati Bar Street

Situated closely to the Guangzhou Zhujiang Brewery Group and Pati Beer Cultural and Creative Arts Areas, Pati Bar Street has attracted many people there to spend their night times.
Here at Pati Bar Street, you’ll find a perfect combination of beer culture, creative arts and entertainment. You can enjoy various creative art exhibitions and experience the ancient beer culture at the creative area at daytime and then come to the bar street for a casual night entertainment to enjoy beers and drinks, delicious food, and the charming night scenes of the Pearl River.

Yangjiang Road Bar Street

Yangjiang Road Bar Street should be one of the most famous bar streets in Guangzhou. This bar street houses numerous bars with distinctive features, along with many restaurants and karaoke halls.

It is said that most of the bars in this bar streets are reconstructed from some abandoned old factories. This is why you will see some outdoor bars that have large size. And as this bar street is just alongside the Pearl River, you will enjoy the enchanting night views of the Pearl River. Hot bars at this street are Happy Bar, Focus Bar, Babyface, Café 1920, etc.

Huanshi Road Bar Street

This bar street, referring to the areas of East Huanshi Road, Taojin Road and Huaqiao Residential District, collects high classed bars and nightclubs. Foreign expatriates are usual guests at this bar street. Especially on weekends and when there are football or basketball games on live, this bar street welcomes its prime time.

Bars located at Huaqiao Residential District are beautiful detached houses with gardens. Or partying with your friends inside the bar, or having a casual time in the outside garden, in addition to the dazzling colorful lights, powerful music and wonderful performance, this is really a great places to relax and entertain.

Bai’etan Bar Street

Bai’etan Bar Street is a planned bar street with bars of different classes providing various leisure and entertainment. This bar street is outstandingly featured with European styled architecture and landscapes. Its wide range of choices and comparatively lower prices have made this bar street quite popular in Guangzhou.

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