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Enjoy Mangshi of Yunnan

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There are a lot of great cities worth a travel in Yunnan province, Lijiang city, Shangri-La, Xishuangbanna and so on. But when you have time, do not miss Mangshi, where you can enjoy a slow and casual time.

Mangshi locates in the southwest of Yunnan province, it is the political, economic and cultural center of Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, where lives people of Dai, Jingpo, Deang and Achang nationalities. The casual time at Mangshi starts with the delicious local flavors and ends up with a pleasant spring bathing.

Before you begin to satisfy your eyes, make your stomach satisfied first. Specialty comes first. Dehong is the hometown of coffee in China as it has the largest planting and processing base of coffee in China. Also it is a land of plenty because of fertile land and good climate. There is a kind of rice, called Zhefangmi, which is used to be “Royal Rice”in ancient times because of its crystal clear and refreshing taste. Shuashuala, this is a kind of pepper, considered as the king of pepper. Just have a glimpse of its hot red color, you can imagine how spicy the pepper is. If you dare, challenge yourself, which will definitely add some excitements to your travel. Right, the local snack Paoluda is very famous at Mangshi. Made from sago pudding, condensed milk, bread, coconut shreds and ice cubes giving you a flavor of tasty, crisp, icy and sweet.

Now it’s time to enjoy some beautiful scenery at Mangshi.

Mengbanaxi Exotic Garden

Mengbanaxi Exotic Garden in the southeast of Mangshi, it is a place of ancient tress, rare plants, unique stones and exotic flowers. It is a ecological garden where you can enjoy the beauty of nature, experience tropical rain forest scenery and strong folk customs.

Tower in Trees

Tower in Trees actually is a tower. It is regarded as a symbol of love because of the beautiful love story legend of the tower. It is said that under the tower, there buries a couple who die for their love. Later a parrot carried a banyan seed and planted in the tower, Years and years past, the banyan tree has grown into a towering tree to protect the tower. The banyan tree and the tower depend on each other and have become a union. So take some time to know this natural wonder.

To find some more casual time, enjoy a spring bath at Mangshi. The classic spring locates in Fapa Sring Resort in the southwest of Mangshi. Springs there stay in a temperature of 46℃. Springs are clean and clear with mountains around, temple in the mountain and green tress. It is really relaxed in the spring.

But if you want a special spring bath, go to the Tree Hole Springs. As the name suggests, the spring is under an old ancient banyan tree. Water comes from the root of banyan tree in a temperature about 50℃ with clean, clear and stable flow. The dense banyan leaves and branch are offering shades for the springs. You should try this special spring.

This is an easy and casual day at Mangshi. When you have time, come and enjoy yourself.

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