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Enjoy Paradise of Bonsai

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The charm of Bonsai lies in representing a large world in a small space. Bao’s Family Garden, close to the Tangyue Stone Arches, is a wonderful place for bonsai appreciating. Bao’s Family Garden is even comparable to the Plum Garden in Wuxi and the Humble Administrator’s Garden, the Lingering Garden, and the Lion Garden in Suzhou.

Bao's Family Garden was originally the private garden of Bao Qiyun, a renowned businessman of Anhui province in Qing Dynasty, which is a perfect combination of gardens and bonsai of Hui style. It was ruined in the late Qing Dynasty and was renovated by latter generations, which is now the largest sightseeing spot for appreciating gardens and bonsai in China. Occupying 350 mu in coverage, the garden is home to tens of thousands of delicate bonsais of different genres domestic and abroad. It has applied for World Cultural Heritage and Guinness World Record.

Entering the garden, you will be surely surprised to see so many beautiful and fascinating bonsai plants in various kinds of shapes. The Bao’s family Garden is also a must-see. Here, you not only can enjoy the masterpiece of Hui Style garden, but also can see various kinds of delicate Bonsais.
There are so many bonsais all over the place. Flowers and grass being planted in pot, with small trees and little mountains, the bonsai looks like real. Bonsais in Bao's Family Garden is complete in varieties, diversified in shapes and delicate in appearance.

Bonsais potted with stump are natural and unique, while the ones potted with stones are impressive and magnificent. Visiting the garden is just like lingering around an artistic museum of bonsai, where visitors could bask in the breathtaking flowers, luring waters and jaw-dropping bonsais heartily. The Bao's Family Garden neighbors on the striking Tangyue Memorial Archways and the two blend to each other so harmoniously, creating a perfect picture brimming with Anhui culture and folk flavor. The bonsai which is over 200 years old and named Sceneries of South China is the number one banyan bonsai in China.

The largest bonsai in China, with mountains, rivers, and stones which spreads long rivers and huge mountains before your eyes, also locates here.

It is a most charming attraction, and typical of Hui culture. Here is assembled the best specimens of bonsai both domestic and foreign, famous and precious flowers, trees and grass of different regions, pavilions, water features and a small bridge. Here you can not only enjoy the Hui style garden, but also appreciate the largest bonsai in China with mountains, rivers, trees, stones spread before your eyes. The charm of bonsai really lies in creating a large world in such a small space.

All in all, Bonsais collected in the garden are so rare and precious that it captivates uncountable travel-addicts to pay a visit despite of fatigue and long journey. It turns out that visitors are easy to come here but hard to leave. As a must-see in Huangshan China, the enticing Bao's Family Garden really deserves a visit.

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