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Enjoy Spectacular Views of Mount Zhan

 2014-10-08    Young    Sights    Zhejiang    1758  

Zhan Mountain was once referred to as the distinguished cliff, which was the renowned tourist attraction for many famous intellectuals or poets from ancient to modern times. There're many scenic sights including blessed-spot, Dongtian Pavilion, Lingfeng Stage and many more. The mountain was clothed in ancient pines and cypresses that set each other off. The grotesque rocks stood out against the top of the mountain.

One crystal clear and rippled ancient mountainous stream embraced the foot of a mountain, which wandered through the beautiful place. What a realm of Buddha and actually a good place on earth! Zhan Mountain had been renowned as the first mountain in the local place. The peculiar and lofty mountain with sharpening top could resemble swords piecing the sky. Thus it’s also called "Jian Mountain."

Zhan Mountain had the lush and verdant landscape of green hills and crystal clear waters, sky-kissing ancient pines and cypresses. At the foot of Zhan Mountain, the clear stream that was ringed with mountains could glide through the Dijin Bridge with a murmur from north to south and flow into Yan River along the Beacon Hill. Dijin Bridge stretching from one side of the creek to the other could be the only thorough to Mount Zhan scenic spot.

There were carved inscriptions including "Dijin Bridge" and "Dijin Ancient Stream" written by the accomplished calligrapher Gutinglong at the rail plate at the two sides of the bridge. The crystal stream of "Dijin Ancient Stream" had originated from the Baishuikeng Waterfall in Wulong Pool. Story has it that one monk poet of the Eastern Jin Dynasty once washed the scarves in the stream.

Crossing the bridge of "Dijin Ancient Stream" and dropping into the entrance of Zhan Mountain, visitors could stand upright and hold up the head to look forward to one quaint and exquisitely carved stone arch with a southern prospect. There is a pair of stone lions crouching at both sides of the memorial archway, as if it were meeting travelers arriving from far and near.

Walking through the carved stone arch, visitors could see the stone stairs with over 500 stone steps that spiraled up the top of the mountain. As one walked up the flagged path after entering the scenic spot, one could see, to right and left, green and luxuriant old pine trees, grasses and flowers with dazzling colors and brilliant beauty that were bloomed in the sunshine.

The beauty spot really abounds in sights on which the eyes may dwell with pleasure. The Zhanshan Pavilion that was covered with ancient pines was positioned halfway up the mountain, which the pavilion and the old pine trees all over the mountains could indeed add to each other's splendor.

Going through the splendid Dongtian Pavilion, visitors could reach the mountain peak along the meandering stone steps, the view before people suddenly opened up. Standing on the top of the mountain, we can overlook the whole of the beautiful scenery with undulating hills and scattered villages, the magnificent sights fell under our eyes. 

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