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Enjoy a Sea of Flowers at Million Sunflower Garden in Guangzhou

 2014-03-05    Selina Ou    Activities    Guangzhou    4989  

You may be amazed at groups of golden yellowed vitality of sunflowers. You may be attracted by groups of hot red roses. You may be charmed by groups of mysterious purpled lavenders. And you may be surprised at groups of romantic pinked cheery blossoms. All these excitements could be experienced at the Million Sunflower Garden in Guangzhou.

As the name suggests, Million Sunflower Garden is a garden that themed at sunflowers. There are a million sunflowers in the garden of more than 20 species imported from Europe and Japan, including 10 thousand rare sunflowers - Van Gogh sunflower, which were loved by the great painter Van Gogh. Besides sunflowers, there are other popular flowers planted, including roses, lavenders, peonies, coreopsis, cherry blossoms, lotus, rape flowers, camellia, morning glories, spiderflower, Gomphrena globosa, etc. And except gardens of enchanting flowers, there are Anime’s Harbor and the Squirrel Park where you can enjoy a great time with cute squirrels with your kids.

Million Sunflower Garden is an excellent place for people to have a great time. There are wedding couple going there to take beautiful and romantic wedding pictures. There are photographers enjoying there to capture fascinating beauty of flowers. There are happy kids going there for the bright flowers and cute animals. And, for normal visitors, whichever experience you want, you will be satisfied at the gorgeous sea of flowers.

Sunflower Base
Sunflowers are considered as “flower of hope”, as its bright and dazzling yellow color conveys a spirit of health and vitality. When you come to this Sunflower Base, you may be puzzled at this sudden bright world.

Rose Garden
At this Rose Garden, you may be amazed to find that roses here are grown in rose trees which are about two or three meters’ high. In one rose tree, there bloom hundreds of roses, hanging there with the hot red color and fragrant smell.

Lavender Base
There are hundreds of lavenders planted at this base. These fragrant lavenders in mysterious purple and enchanting beauty shine under the sunshine. Whenever there comes a breeze, layers of layers’ purple dancing ups and downs and a burst of ultra fragrance may get you drunken.

Squirrel Playground
There are more than 1,000 squirrels fostered at this Squirrel Playground. It is quite welcomed by kids. This is a great place for tourists to get close with these cute squirrels. Tourists can watch and play with squirrels. They can buy some food and send the food to squirrels inside the playground with a remote control car. Kids would never resist these lovely ones.

Anime’s Harbor
This is where you can find various cartoon and animated characters. There are Japanese cartoon characters, Disney characters, Hello Kitty and many other statutes that are favored by children. And this is why children are delighted at this theme place and always linger here for a long time.

Sunflower Chicken
When travel to Million Sunflower Garden, do not miss a tasty dish made with sunflower chicken. The uniqueness of sunflower chicken lies in the point that it is fed by sunflower face plates and leaves. The sunflower chicken has a special fresh and sweet, crispy bones and the unique fragrance of sunflowers. The unique flavored and high nutritious Sunflower Soup and Steamed Sunflower are must-taste dishes in Million Sunflower Garden.

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