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Enjoy the Acres of Rich Dongting Lake

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China's second largest freshwater lake is Dongting Lake with an area of 2,820 square kilometers. It's a fresh water lake with water going through, so that it's abundant with fish and considered a natural resource. With beautiful environment, pretty natural landscape and numerous human scenes, the rippling Dongting Lake is listed as scenic spots and tourist resorts on the provincial and municipal level.

Dongting Lake stretches between Hunan and Hubei provinces. Crowned as the "800-hundred-li Dongting Lake", Dongting Lake boasts the various forms of beautiful scenery. Far in the distance lies the Dongting Lake, a vast expanse of mists and waves. And all of the foreign guests reveled in the scenery of the lake.

Crystal clear waters rippled with innumerable fish and iridescent corals. It’s a wonderful world where the water turned from emerald to aquamarine with the rhythm of tides. The spread of the Dongting Lake was indeed a startling sight. Visitors could look at the glory of the sunlight shining on the majesty of the lake. It completes its journey in the vast expanse of the Dongting Lake. Ring upon ring of hills thrust themselves towards the sky.

The most distinguished feature of Dongting Lake is its lake in lake, hill in the lake. Looking around, one gets a panoramic view of the Dongting Lake and farther in the distance tiny little fishing sails. The blue sky is mirrored in the blue water of Dongting Lake, forming one integrated mass. The lake is imbued with a spell of infinite variety and changes its aspect at every season of the year.

Dongting Lake is blessed with the splendid scenery, many historical interests and fairy tales. Eight Views of Xiaoxiang is one of the most exciting places of historical interest in the Dongting Lake. The autumn moon on Dongting has traditionally been a favorite with poets and lovers of nature. It is a vivid description of Dongting Lake scenery. There is a most enchanting sight of fantastic mists and ripples, reputed as the "NumBer One Grand Spectacle on Earth." The most renowned mountain in the Dongting Lake is Junshan Mountain with many scenic spots. The freedom to roam in the Junshan Mountain or the Dongting Lake as you please is the key to the whole experience, and you could kill two birds with one stone.

Known as a fancied land of flowing with milk and honey through the ages, the Dongting Lake is abundant in natural tourist resources and places of historical interest and scenic beauty. Dongting Lake is well-famous for "Fertile soil and no fold and drought", which has made it win the reputation of "Nature's Storehouse." There's a great deal of top-grade products available, Silver Needle Tea, the Pearl Rice to name just a few.

Various poets and scholars from different dynasties like to describe the beauty of natural scenery by leaving their words in it. As a region teeming with fish and rice, Dongting Lake is rich in numerous products, among which Xiang Lotus is the most well-known. Xiang Lotus is rich in nutrition with original taste and flavor. 

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