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Enjoy the Enchanting Jindao Gorge

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Jindao Gorge is located at the foot of the southwestern foothills of Huaying Mountain in the Beibei district of Chongqing City, with the altitude of about 900 meters above sea level. Jindao Gorge is one natural scenic spot that still keeps the original, ancient and mysterious gorge, focusing on the gorge and valley landscape for hundreds of millions of years, supplemented by karst landscape, combining enormous quantities of the surpassing beauty of deep pools as well.

Jindao Gorge is known throughout the world for its dangerous gorge, grand mountain, clear water, many waterfalls, crystal pool and secluded cave. Jindao Gorge runs for about 10 kilometers, among which the plank road alongside cliffs could run for nearly 7 kilometers, which could divide into the upper gorge and the lower gorge. Because of karst geological processes, the ground in the upper gorge was cut intensely, which had formed the unique valley and gully like the extraordinary workmanship.

There's the inversion of particularly good creeper at the top and the rippling waters at its foot. The lower gorge had many caves, linked pools, tier upon tier of leaping fountains and waterfalls as well as the stalagmites in many different shapes through the effects of the erosion of moving water. The gorge can be ranked as the longest gorge with ten-mile imitation antique wooden plank road in our country, which had won people's great admiration.

Leaning to the plank road and visiting scenic spots, visitors could realize the fine spirits of heaven and earth that is contained within the natural mountains and waters landscape. These main scenic sites are available for visitors to make an expedition, go mountain-climbing and aquatic pleasure, which make the beauty spot become a pleasant ecological tourist stage for holiday, summer resort, an outing in early spring and returning to nature.

The activity of seeking the extraordinary at the bottom of the valley was held every year, which had become the most distinctive and excellent tourist hot line. This kind of activity could be somewhat restricted by the geographical environment, which requires the valley with some height of water and streams to be processed and excellent geographical environments.

The geographic environment in Jindao Gorge is richly endowed by nature. Apart from its exceptionally favorable geographic circumstances, Jindao Gorge also had the beautiful scenery. In parallel with taking up the challenge, you could also feel the stream and valley, the steep cliff and waterfall from a different point of view.

You've grown much attached to the customs of mountains and waters in Jindao Gorge and linger on with no thought of leaving. Walking through the gorge to seek the profound things could make your exhilaration of traveling stretch far away towards a higher level. In the bosom of green hills and clear waters, you could even seek a superbly majestic and beautiful color in your dream along the crystal clear stream. Besides the fantastic mountains and clear waters, the simple and honorable folk custom could cast a cultural taste over the place. 

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