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Enjoying China tours during Spring Festival Holiday

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If you plan to china tours during china Spring Festival, it is best time for your to know the most traditional and archaic chinese Culture and  Customs, we will share some travel tips about china New Year travel, how to flights into china, which is the major international airports?

Enjoying China tours during Spring Festival Holiday

The situation for Spring Festival China tours

if you have a china trip during the Chinese New Year holidays, we think, it has many advantages, but also has some disadvantages(the rush (known as 春运 Chunyun 'Spring Movement').

advantages:  it is one good opportunity to "rub shoulders" with the Chinese people, as you know, The chinese tend to be open and friendly, and the opportunities to "rub shoulders" with the Chinese people are indeed many, given the many cultural activities that take place during this period. The best places to watch these cultural activities are Beijing and Hong Kong city in china

disadvantages: it must be said that there are large crowdsin transit everywhere in China at this time of year, not just at all of the major transportation hubs such as airports, railway stations and bus terminals, but also certain popular flights may be booked, trains in general are likely to be booked, and even regional and municipal buses can overcrowded. Train tickets are very hard to get. And of course shopping malls can be teeming with life, while public gatherings and processions can fill up plazas and block sidewalks. If you plan to travel during the Chinese New Year period, china tour advisors will recommends you travel by flight.

Spring Festival travel Tips

The following travel Tips is collected by, these tips will guide you to avoid the most congested travel modes and destinations, the accumulation of frustrations from a lack of proper planning (such as not having made necessary reservations), and they can help you to take it all in your stride — i .e. with good humor and holiday cheer — where a certain amount of snags and glitches are unavoidable, given the sheer numbers of travelers, like yourself, looking to get from A to B, or to find adequate and affordable accommodations.

Spring Festival China tours

1. If at all possible,avoid traveling by rail

Travel to China in Festival Holiday, it is possible over Chinese New Year as long as you are well-prepared. Be prepared to see big crowds in the streets, restaurants, trains and train stations.

2. Arrange as much of your itinerary as possible beforehand

Tourist-related enterprises open as usual, even though government buildings and offices are closed during the New Year holiday. Restaurants, tourist attractions, hotels, airports, and departments stores will be open and ready for more customers. we suggest five of the biggest celebrations in 2015 in the country: Beijing Chinese New Year Celebration 7 Days Tour, Spring Festival 4 days tours, Happy Spring Festival 5 days tours. etc.

3. Try to exercise patience and maintain a cheerful spirit in adversity

our private guide will help you choose the best places to experience the Chinese New Year, if you have any problems during the tour.

4. Bring along warm clothing, What is the weather like during the New Year Festival?

North China is a frozen expanse with the average temperature below 0°C (32°F). Take Beijing and Harbin for example. In Beijing the temperature sometimes plummets to -10°C (14°F) during the New Year. It is even colder in Harbin with the lowest temperatures below -20°C (-4°F). Snowy and icy weather is common.

South China is warmer than the north, but it isn’t warm at all in the real sense. Winter in the Yangtze region (Nanjing, Shanghai, and Wuhan) is cold, sometimes frozen, and windy. Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are comfortable in winter. Wintering in southern Yunnan province is enjoyable, but a big difference occurs in temperature between day and night.

Hangzhou Spring Festival Travel

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