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Enjoyment at Shenzhen Concert Hall

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Shenzhen Concert Hall is located in the center of Futian District and acknowledged to be one of the most important defining cultural architectures in Shenzhen. It is designed by a famous architect named Arata Isozaki, a well-known Japanese senior architect, who gained a distinction at home and abroad in the construction field. It's rare to see such a concert hall replete with modern convenience, designed and constructed for music performance with its professional technical design. I felt lucky to have a wonderful experience in the Shenzhen Concert Hall. Besides being used as a concert hall, it could also be applied to organize events like exhibitions and press conferences for new products release.

As we went through the gate into the Concert Hall, we saw the magnificent art corridor with lots of autographs of some well-known artists and their works. My favorite is The Golden Tree Foyer at the main entrance of the Symphony Hall and the area of the Golden Tree Foyer is about 1,600 square meters. The audience is allowed to take a rest in this area during the rest time before theatre and the intermission.

You may wonder why it's called The Golden Tree Foyer. The reason is that its top is polyhedral, which is composed of triangle glass surfaces in different sizes and angels. The formation of polyhedral cages and clusters has only recently been recognized as an important and widespread phenomenon.

The Golden Three Foyer gives a concrete description to help us to understand it more clearly. You could use your imagination to make up a lot of pictures, images and symbols to help with a better understanding. There're five golden tree pillars that are used to hold up the roof. As a result, these golden branches make the whole foyer appears splendid particularly when the golden sunlight peeks through the hall, and you could also see beyond it into a glare of brightness.

Sometimes people could enjoy "Afternoon Music Time" that plays the melody for the popularization of music education. With the view of bringing classical music to more audience, Shenzhen Concert Hall holds the "Public Open Day". The good news is that lots of Shenzhen citizens and friends are welcome to visit there on every Saturday afternoon.

People from different residential communities come here and sit completely still, enraptured by the music. It is a great enjoyment to have sat in the shade of that beautifully renowned architecture, with a gentle breeze wafting in from the Pacific Ocean to carry such warm impassioned music on its wing with a kiss on the face and hearts of all people there. At Shenzhen Concert Hall, you could hear more orphan music in the coming music board and share different feeling with all the others.

Shenzhen Concert Hall welcomes everyone who has interest in music and architecture and the classical atmosphere won’t let you down and you will be surely satisfied. Go and enjoy it!

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