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Enthralling Sight of Bita Sea

 2014-05-27    Young    Sights    Yunnan    2229  

Located in the east of Shangri-La County, 35 kilometers away from the county town, Bita Sea Nature Reserve revolves mainly around Bita Sea, occupying an area of 840 square kilometers. Bita Sea runs for about three kilometers and about one meter wide. The meaning of 'Bita Sea' is the place where is full of robust. Bata Sea has long been known as 'The Glittering Pearl on the Plateau' with an elevation of over 3,538 meters above sea level. It's the lake commanding the highest altitude in Yunnan Province. It used to be the hollow belt in the Chinese history.

Bita Sea Nature Reserve belongs to the transitional region from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the Yunnan Plateau. It's surrounded by mountains on every side. So rich and fleecy were the outlines of the dense forest. The sky is blue above the unpredictable snowy peaks, while the shadow of some clouds flitting by makes them look like a tapestry of white threaded with silvery strands.

Bita Sea is the typical fault-structure lake and the smooth surface of the lake shaped like the conch. The lake is fed by several small streams from the Snow Mountains. The crystal clear waters and stunning scenery so striking it can pass for the mythical reaches of the veritable heaven on earth. Soaring snow peaks and interesting cliffs as well as ever-changing cloud sea cast beautiful reflections and integrate to form the magnificent and wonderful sights.

The attractively clear and beautiful scenery is the most delightful that ever you've seen. There are small islands in the lake. Many rare trees like spruce, Quercus aquifolioides and the white birch are growing around the sea. Bita Sea with the beautiful and soothing calm of natural reigning beauty could attract to it numerous sightseers from all parts of the world.

It should be a unique delight to enjoy an unobstructed view of the natural scenery of Bita Sea on a bright and cool day. On both banks is range upon range of dark blue mountains which seem to stretch to infinity and are thickly carpeted with green pines and bamboos. The pine trees blot out the sky and cover the sun with luxuriant foliage. The sea encompassed by mountains looks like the Emerald craftily set on the surrounding mountains.

The water of the lake is quite bright and clear. The delicate and graceful scene fronting towards the lake with green mountains and beautiful water intermingled with each other in a harmonious way. Bita Sea Nature Reserve does take the course of its own in displaying itself. The azaleas with a riot of colors are extremely wonderful. The birds sing and flowers give force their fragrance around the lake.

Countless living creatures swim in the shallow waters off the lake. You looked out the azaleas sea, herds of sheep and cows strayed along the banks of the ornamental and broad meadow. The panoramic view of the azure lake contrasts sharply and to each other's advantage with broad prairies. It was just so pure and natural that any visitor would be completely absorbed in it. 

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