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Escape from summer heat at the Wonderful Shipu in Zhejiang

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If you happen to travel to China in the hot summer, if you happen to find a wonderful to escape from the summer heat, the Shipu Town in Zhejiang should be a great destination.

Shipu Town is located in Xiangshan County, Ningbo City of Zhejiang Province. The town is situated at the southern end of the Xiangshan Peninsula. It is famous by its beautiful coastal scenery and the unique Shipu Port. As a historic and cultural town, Shipu has attracted a lot of tourists there to enjoy its fresh air, beautiful color of the sea, the gorgeous scenery of those small islands, the ancient Shipu Port, the antique Shipu Town, the glorious fishing culture, the numerous choices of seafood, and the relaxing and refreshing lifestyle there.

When coming to Shipu, there are a lot to see and enjoy at the fishing town. There are not only wonderful natural scenery but also have historical sites. For most visitors, the first site that should not be missed is the ancient Shipu Town. This is an ancient town that has numerous antique buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The town was constructed to be based on mountains and to face the sea with the winding stairs leading to into the deep of the town. Streets among the town were paved with stones, and those houses are all aged with yellow walls and gray tiles. It is a quiet and tranquil ancient town. When walking around, you will get the strong taste of fishing culture, and those ancient walls may have beautiful stories behind, and those small shops that sell exquisite handcrafts and souvenirs made of shells, all these would make you exciting.

Besides the ancient town, the Fishing Village is the other must see site. The ancient village is actually called China Fishing Village which is located alongside the Shipu Port. This is a featured fishing village that has typical customs and culture of fishing.

The China Fishing Village is a large leisure summer resort. It is consisted of folk street, Huangcheng Beach, Tangtou Island, Yushan Islandm, Shipu Port and many other sites. At the village, you can not only have great fun at the beach that has soft and fine sand, enjoy cheap and fresh seafood, watch the spectacular of numerous fishing boats at the port, or even going out for fishing with local fishermen, or you can walk in those modern commercialized streets to discover some unique handiworks, all these are specially made for visitors to enjoy and experience the refreshing fishing life there.

When coming to Shipu, tourists should not miss out on the captivating scenery of the islands and sunrise. Most people would choose to camp at the Yushan Island or Tantou Island. Yushan Island is located about 25 sea miles from Shipu town. Though it only covers 2.3 square meters, it has pleasant scenery with the fresh air, the vast blue sea with quite clean water, the strange and colorful reefs, and those numerous free swimming fishes. At the same time, the Tantou Island that also has alluring scenery with the green forests and blue sea is the other popular site people choose for camping and enjoy sunrise.

Yushan Island

Tantou Island

The local Shipu has developed a lot of interesting fishing customs and culture. They are activities like outgoing to the beach, fishing lantern show, and ceremony to prayer the sea held every year. And the Fishing Festival held in every September and October should be the most important and grandest festival in local Shipu. It attracts a lot of tourists every year.

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