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Ethereal Beauty of Xiangshui Lake

 2014-07-31    Young    Sights    Sichuan    1966  

With the mysterious and vaporous scenery, Xiangshui Lake is situated in the Santai County, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. It is 153 kilometers away from provincial capital Chengdu, 57 kilometers away from Mianyang center municipal district.

A stretch of level plain and long stretches of shallow hills are the extraordinary scenic spots along the river within the boundaries of Xiangshui Lake with mostly moderate climate and beautiful surroundings. Historically, Santai has been long reputed as an important point in the northern part of Sichuan province and the famous city in South Sichuan.

Santai is a Chinese significant place which enjoys the similar reputation as Chengdu during the Tang and Song dynasties, it's pronounced a big city in the Southwestern China that is not only a location of the throat, but also a trading post, economic and cultural center. It's now the historic and cultural city in Sichuan Province of China.

Even though it's not the West Lake with beautiful scenery beyond description, the Xiangshui Lake has the most spiritual and secluded beauty. Its beauty is no less incomparably beautiful than that of West Lake. The river is lined on either bank with precipitous cliffs. At the turn of winter, it is mostly silvery foggy weather with the peaks often shrouded in swirling mist and cloud.

In the distance, details were almost veiled and blurred by a haze, as of the high mountains smothering the faint and fairy scent. Far more likely it's soft and white mysterious gauze hung over the smooth surface of the green lake. The calls and songs of birds not only pierced the sunlight, but also rippled the surface of the lake. At this time, the placid water swept round in a graceful curve, the chirping of the birds bent gently towards its surface.

What I'm trying to say that the voice of birds is the most beautiful and wonderful emissary in universe. These flowers combined with the fragrance of the trees and grass is in frill bloom they send forth a fragrance at once delicate and sweet. Panjiang River with vast expanses of crystal-clear water is as of the long Hada coming from a long distance.

It's the vast picturesque, secluded and comfortable realm. If one rides boats in the calm lake, drifting along aimlessly on the blue waters amidst the reflections of the white clouds in the sky, listens to hum of insects and scream of birds quietly and views the fallen flowers and white clouds so as to drink in at his leisure the beautiful scenery all around.

Here you could become a one-day or half-day hermit who gave expression of emotion to maintain and water. Colors and beauties so far subdued were, at the very least, the birthright of all. On entering the scenic spot, one can wash away his worldly vulgarity and only in such celestial realm as Xiangshui Lake can one attain the state of an ethereal mind. The plants with quiet elegance and delicate fragrance floating around the lake always seem unreal, mysterious and intelligent. 

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