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Exhilarant Xiazhu Lake Wetland Scenic Spot

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Xiazhu Lake also known as Fangfeng Lake or Fengzhu Lake is located in the Deqing County of Zhejiang Province, also at the north side of Hangzhou. Xiazhu Lake is the largest naturally-formed wetland scenic spot south of the Yangtse River, with an area of about 10 square kilometers, the main lake of 3.4 square kilometers. Xiazhu Lake is the fifth-largest inland lake all over Zhejiang Province.

Xiazhu Lake stands in a picturesque setting surrounded by mountains. Whenever the spring breeze is freely blowing, enlivening everything around and bringing the world to life again, it creates the extremely beautiful sight, which could make people be completely entranced by the lake. During the hot summer days, the long and thin cloud might hang in midair above the lake.

The gentle breeze blew gently, and came over the cooling wave with something of summer fragrance. The golden fall could bring with it the sweet scent of osmanthus flowers and the high bright blue sky. The shadows of the reeds are indeed restful to the spirit. Since the winter solstice, the mist lifted and the sun came out.

Once there's the seasonable snow, there're fluttering and dancing goose feathers on the rough water of the lake. One glittering and translucent Xiazhu Lake is really a magnet for visitors. Xiazhu Lake scenery area is the newly developed nature and ecology scenic spot in Deqing County. With its strong commitment to ecological protection, the beauty spot could give a full expression to the wonderful features of nature, rustic amusement and moving away from the noise.

The cruise ship could work as the main carrier in the whole travelling trip, which could make people experience the original rustic amusement of nature and the artistic conception of seeking simplicity. Xiazhu Lake is the typical natural lake wetland with the enormous diversity landscapes and one of the best-preserved natural wetlands in a primordial state.

Nature bestows beautiful landscapes upon the Deqing County as a land of attractive resources and magical power, with excellent surroundings and abundant specialty. Xiazhu Lake scenery area has the using of the land that belongs to the plain water town with rich soil and plenty rainfall. The lake and creek are scattered all along the scenic spot like stars in the sky.

It's the main production area for grain, silkworm cocoon, the renowned extra best aquatic products and poultry in the whole county. Xiazhu Lake area belongs to the extensive flatland with intensive network of waterways. The water resources are very rich. Xiazhu Lake originates from Xiang Stream, which can certainly play a role in storing water, mitigating the flood and regulating the water level.

The nuclear area could reserve the wetlands ecosystems of the birds' natural habitats and thick wild reeds. The mysterious place of Xiazhu Lake lies in the surface of the lake, its spacious surfaces as if the water and the sky becoming of one hue. The islands, bars and mounds in various shapes and sizes could spread throughout the entire lake. 

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