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Exotic Beauty of Yandang Mountain

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Yandang Mountain, one famous national scenic attraction, is situated in Leqing County in southeastern Zhejiang Province. Rocks of Yandang Mountain enjoy widespread renown. Although not very high with the main peak standing merely several hundreds of metres above sea level, it is densely wooded, with many secluded ravines and sparkling mountain streams and, through the ages, has been a favourite and attractive haunt of famous men of letters. Apart from that, it is often taken as the famous mountain with its elevation, and is thus famed as the "No.1 Mountain in Southeast China". According to the old tradition, a flock of wild geese winging south against a bleak and autumn sky gathers in the marshes beside the lake. And then the mountain was entitled as Yandang Mountain.

When you face the beauteous setting sun, reciting or musing every now and then, you just intoned "There were endless green mountain ranges stretching in a thin mist, and wild geese flying against the setting sun in the growing duck." What a beautiful mental picture! You could climb the Yandang Mountain, go boating on the Nanxi River, and share the special Wenzhou's snacks, you're completely in the full bloom of luxurious contentment. Yandang Mountain is famous for its scenery; also has special significance for students of geology. It has unique Yandang Mountain culture and important scientific and aesthetic values. Its natural scenery and numerous historical spots have made it since ancient time become the preferred gathering place of artists and poets.

After having studied the geographical setting of North Yandang Mountain, the scientists analyzed it and found that North Yandang Mountain had a subtropical monsoon climate, yet it is doublely influenced by both maritime and mountain climate with a mild winter and a cool summer. It sounded incredible in common. All these formed magnificent view of Yandang Mountain.

It's recorded that the grotesque crags and stunning waterfalls of Yandang Mountain are its main characteristic. It's like a wondrous screen, revealing a flourishing and prosperous panorama spread out before our eyes. In autumn, when the travelers arrive at its peak, they would see before them one of the fairest sights of the Yandang Mountain. There're about tens of waterfalls available there, and here we just name a few of them like the Great Dragon Pond, the Small Dragon Pond, and the Three-terraced Falls.

Down through the ages, the exceptional beauty of Yandang Mountain has inspired men of literature and writings alike. There're not only lots of poems and inscriptions in its praise left behind by scholars and men of letters through the centuries. It also boasts delicious food and pretty handicrafts. Plenty of poets and scholars have written a great deal of poems and articles to describe the beauty of its natural scenery. From the Tang Dynasty on down, Yandang Mountain has inspired lots of famous writers and painters to use as their themes with the result that its fame has spread far and wide. Yandang Mountain combined with the magnificent natural sight and cultural scenery has attracted many tourists throughout the world.

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