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Experience Piquant Life in Hulunbuir of Inner Mongolia

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Located outside the remote Russian border town of Manzhouli, Inner Mongolia, the Hulunbuir Grasslands are the most lush and pristine in China. The grasslands here are known locally as the "most unsullied prairie" for the area’s pollution-free skies. In summer, the uninterrupted green stretches in all directions. In addition, Hulunbuir is fed by hundreds of rivers, large and small, that have made this area popular with Mongolian nomads and herders.

The famous Hulunbuir Grassland, with a total area of 93,000 square kilometers, is one of the largest and best-preserved grasslands in the world. The endless grassland is like a giant carpet of green, dotted with white yurts, herds of cattle and sheep, and winding rivers and lakes. Visitors can try many activities. They can roam around riding horses, camels or grassland carts. Or they can paddle a boat and angle on the lakes, or hunt in a nearby forest. Here, you will not resist the authentic foods of the herdsmen, such as roasted lambs, mutton hotpots, fish feasts, as well as many dairy products. The roasted whole lamb is a kind of precious dish for entertaining distinguished guests, sacrificing, and for opening ceremony of important events.


The roasted whole lamb with special favor is famous for color, fragrance, taste and shape. A two-year-old fat lamb is selected and killed. After scalding away the fleece and fishing out the viscera, cook the lamb, stuff the seasonings into the abdominal cavity, then roast it whole until it's done. And thanks to its abundant fresh fishes and lake shrimps produced from Hulun Lake, you can taste more than 100 kinds of dishes made of fishes and shrimps. There are different scales of such feast, with 12, 14, 20, 24 or even more than 100 dishes for a table.

No matter what season it is, you can find something interesting in Hulunbuir. Hulunbuir hosts an azalea festival in the spring; a grassland culture and beer festival in the summer; a forest culture festival celebrating Daxing'anling Mountains in the autumn and an ice and snow festival with a strong ethnic flavor in the winter. Hulunbeier Grasslands are probably the finest pastures in China. In the summer, visitors can go horseback riding, view horse racing and attend wrestling matches. Campfire parties featuring whole-sheep feasts are popular. Huhenuoer Grassland and Hulun Lake are the most famous sights in that area. The lake is teeming with fish and shrimp. Hulun is the largest lake in Inner Mongolia and one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China.

As for the sceneries nearby, Phoenix Villa is an excellent winter resort located in the Daxing'anling Mountains. European-style villas with red roofs stand out among the pines and white snow. Additionally, Hailaer National Forest Park and Darbin Lake National Forest Park cater to visitors who feel enthusiasm for the natural greenery and tranquil forests.

Hulunbuir is a place for piquant life. Visitors can try horseback riding in the Hulunbuir Grasslands and sample a local dish of boiled or barbecued lamb. At night, you can spend a night in the yurts that will give you a picture of the lives that the nomads and the marauding Mongols of the past lived.

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