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Experience Russian Culture All at Vodka Manor

 2014-05-20    sonrisabai    Entertainment    Harbin    1824  

Vodka manor is located in Xiangfang district, Harbing city, Heilongjiang province,with an area of over 600,000 square meters. You might have sensed something from the keyword of its name-Vodka. It boasts to have picturesque sceneries, vast fields of landscapes and wetlands, with meandering Ashi river flowing through the manor, forming an exquisite rural scenery. But what makes it different from other tourist manors is that every little piece of this manor is built with strong touch of Russian customs, castles, churches, wood houses, you name it. You might feel like you are just a passer-by at other tourists spots, but not in Vodka Manor.

Before we went in, the manor entrance gate caught up my attention. It was a prototype of Russian wooden castle back in 17 centuries, tall castles and Greek sculptures were scattered all around from the distance. All the buildings inside were made with wood. I just loved wooden house, comparing to concrete building, they seemed to have some kind of soothing effect, maybe just for me.

Every building of the manor had a prototype, whether the real ones still existed or faded away, you could see them all in here. Just like a small Russian world without really going to Russia.There was an unique building besides the river, it’s called Pavlov Castle. The prototype of it was in Saint Petersburg of Russia. It was very famous for it once prisoned a czar in old times , and was also used as hospitals and police station. Even today, it’s still regarded as a must-see if you travel there. Luckily we didn’t have to trip all the way to see it.

I spotted a spire building from the distance, as I went near , there was a Pushkin statue standing outside. I was told this was the place for holding various culture activities and fun parties. Besides respect for history from buildings outside, the manors designer also spent quite a time on inner decoration. You could see rich Russian customs from every building, oil paintings with rural countryside view, tapestry of Russian country life, and so on. In the east side of the manor, there was a lovely dining room called “The Mermaid Room”, which was based on the Fishing Restaurant that’s located in Cross Island Tourist Spot of Western Saint Petersburg. Experienced chef here could cook food that’s tailored to different customer needs.

Book a room and spend an unforgettable night here is the best thing to do. Since there was no rush, me and my friends were really taking our time and having fun, enjoying delicious food, doing a little bit sight-seeing and ski. Surrounded by all the Russian stuff, I got confused so easy, sometime I just couldn’t help wondering if I was in China or Russia. I wish I could come here in winter again, with everything covered in snow. But I still had a very great time.

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