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Experience a Different Winter in Hailuogou

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Winter is a season for snow and ice. Apart from the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, Hailuogou is also a good place to appreciate the extreme beauty of winter. Located in the Gongga Mountains in western Sichuan, Hailuogou was originally the valley of an ice-melted river on the eastern side of the Gonggar Mountain. Hailuogou is one of the core scenic spots in Gongga Mountain scenic area. As a national-level nature reserve, it is the only glacier and forest park in China. At the same time, it is a state AAAA-class tourist area and a national geological park. With an elevation of 6,000 meters, it has seven climate zones and its vegetation varies at different levels of height, making it a rare natural botanic garden.

Hailuogou is the biggest glacier park in China. Glaciers in Hailuogou are typical modern marine glaciers, which are rarely found either in low-latitude places or at low altitude. Its lowest point is only 2,850 meters above sea level. The Grand Glacier Cascade, with a drop of 1,080 meters, is made up of numerous ice cubes. Looking like the milk way descending from heaven, it sends out brilliant rays in the sunshine. Beyond the cascade there is a snow basin -- the source of the glacier. When the frozen water accumulates to a certain amount and the surplus ice and snow need to find a way out, there will be an avalanche.

So, for safety’s case, the snow basin can only be seen from afar, which is a pity for such a unique attraction. Moreover, the glacier fall may collapse at any time, too. During spring and summer, the dynamic seasons for glaciers, over 1,000 avalanches may happen in a day. In one such collapse, the falling ice can reach 1 million cubic meters. As electricity is produced during the hit and friction, blue sparks are sent out together with earth-shaking roaring.
There is another place to see exotic glaciers in Hailuogou. Virgin forests can be seen not far from the No.2 Campsite. Covering an area of 70 square km, the forests boast 4,800 species of plant, including fir, wild sweet-scented osmanthu, wild rhododendron, ginkgo, algum, magnolia, single-leafed grass, and such medicinal herbs as Chinese caterpillar fungus, caladium, pseudo-ginseng and tuber of elevated gastrodis.

The park boasts many geographic attractions, including ancient glaciers, grand glacier cascade, virgin forests, wild animals and hot springs, etc. The thermal hotspring hidden in the primitive forests deeply. The boiling mineral water running through Hot Streams all years round. It is suitable for both soaking & drinking while have many magic effects on various kinds of diseases. Up-to- now, there are developed visitors facilities including many spring pools and a outdoor hot spring swimming pool. All those make Hailuogou even better than any glacier parks in the world.

Hailuogou glacier is one of the natural wonders of the world. When you see this glacial formation, you cannot help but marveled at the elaborated handiwork of nature. Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park is an ancient and magic land, which is definitely on the list of must-visit spots in Hailuogou in winters. 

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