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Experience the Beauty of Mount Qiyun

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Mt Qiyun located at the foot of Huangshan Mountains, Anhui Province. The Qiyun Mountain is among the four mountains held sacred by Taoist in China. The mountain rises 585 meters above sea-level and extends for 100 square kilometres. In the region of Qiyun Mountain, there're 36 strange peaks. Qiyun Mountain got its name because it had a stone that penetrates the sky, and it is as high as the clouds.

The sparkling green peak is almost indistinguishable from the sparkling blue sky. Mt Qiyun in China, acclaimed as a Taoist Kingdom on the Sea, is one of the four great sacred mountains of the Taoist faith in China, as well as Longhu Mountain, Wudang Mountain and Qingcheng Mountain. Qiyun Mountain had a reputation for the "No.1 Fairyland in South China", which is a blessed paradise for Taoists. It's one scenic resort and historic site in China with the feature of Taoist culture and red morning/evening glow.

Mount Qiyun is famous for its fantastically beautiful scenes, clear waters, strange rocks and peaceful caves. There is a most enchanting sight of the curvaceous peaks, reputed as the "The Most Grand Spectacle under Heaven." Stretches of inscriptions and stone sculptures are dotted with temples lure people from distant places. There are not very tall but nonetheless rugged mountains in the Mt Qiyun, and endless miles of rocky coastline that seem mystical. Surrounded by lichen-covered, the valley that is famed for its elegant beauty of forest-covered peaks, it is reached only by narrow and rugged paths.

The peaks of its mountains appear in a thousand different shapes, all fanciful and picturesque! The peak is so lofty as to be unmeasurable. These tender and wistful ridges and peaks gave off a certain air of dignified secrecy. The peaks of its mountains are just so small, and look from afar like ornaments on a woman's hair. Every bit of Qiyun Mountain scenery is worth painting.

A gorgeous and beautiful scene greets the eye wherever one happens to be in Mount Qiyun, but from the way all these prospects of unequalled beauty are grouped together by nature! It is true to say that on Qiyun Mountain one is greeted by picturesque cragged peak and queer rocks every step of the way. No wonder the island is named as a poem of nature that cannot be expressed in words!

In addition, the river, lake, spring, pool and waterfall in the region form a charming picture with green hills and clear waters that will make any viewer speechless. Moreover, the whole mountain is the typical Danxia Landform with reddish sandstone which has been given more widely attentions for its extremely high ornamental and tourist value.

The sharp towering cliffs and tranquil caves are all like violet and purple sunset rays. The red stone and green woods set each other off, half-hidden behind green trees in deep elegant seclusion. The whole mountain site looks distinctively vivid! As a scenic area, nothing could be more admirable than the Mount Qiyun itself! 

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