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Experience the Essence of Chengdu in Jinli Street

 2014-07-02    Selina Ou    Sights    Chengdu    2898  

Every city has a representative street where you can discover the most original local city culture and experience local life. In Chengdu, Jinli Street is the right one to know the most authentic Chengdu and experience the essence of Chengdu.

As one of the oldest and most commercialized street in the ancient Three Kingdoms Period, Jinli has got national wide fame since history. Jinli Street is actually a part of the famous Wuhou Temple Scenic Area. It is a new restored street of the ancient Jinli to remain its history and culture. Now Jinli has been an outstanding street in Chengdu that is specialized to provide the most authentic flavor of Chengdu from the aspects of architecture, culture, tradition and food.

Jinli is where to discover the taste of old Chengdu. Most architecture in Jinli is themed at ancient. They are age-old street, official residences, folk residences, teahouses, inns, wine bars and stages. Jinli looks fantastic especially at night when all lights and lanterns are lit up. These lights giving away sense of far-away obscurity setting off with the gray walls gives the feeling that even you are in the busy Jinli but in a distant and isolated world. This is quite strange, but also very special. At this time, choose a tea-house, seated by the window, enjoy the excellent performance on the stage or enjoy the passing by outside night scene, this is the slow way that you can really taste the flavor of Jinli at the best time of the day.

Jinli is also the place to have fun with traditional Chengdu. Whenever there are traditional festivals, you will always have chances to enjoy funny activities and excellent performances in Jinli Street. There are lantern exhibitions on Lantern Festival, there are eating competitions for glutinous dumplings when Dragon Boat Festival, moon appreciating gatherings on the Mid-autumn Day and so on. Jinli has glorious activities to celebrate traditional festivals.

At the same time, the part of Chengdu food in Chengdu culture is fully displayed in Jinli. There are many restaurants and food stalls standing along the road providing original Chengdu snacks and specialties. You can taste almost all the kinds of Chengdu snacks there. At the same time, those exquisite handcrafts and handiworks should amaze you. Paper cuts, clay figures, facial makeups and many other folk crafts.

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