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Experience the charm of Miao Ethnic at the Fascinating One-thousand-household Miao Village

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If you want to explore the most authentic charm of an ethnic, you should go to a local residence that tells the history and culture of the ethnic. Say, if you want to know more about Dai ethnic, you should go to Xishuangbannan in Yunnan Province; if for the discovery of Zhuang People, you’d better go to Guilin. And for the glorious Miao Ethnic, the fascinating One-thousand-household Miao Village of Xijiang is the right place to see.

One-thousand-household Miao Village is situated 36 kilometers northeast of Leishan County in the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture in southeastern Guizhou Province. It is known as the largest Miao Village in the world. The One-thousand-household Miao Village is actually consisted of more than ten small villages that are built upon mountains. The village not only has a long history, it also has well-preserved distinctive culture and customs of the Miao people. Thus, it is reputed as an open air museum for to learn the traditions and lifestyle of Miao people.

The village has beautiful natural environment. The fresh air, the surrounded green mountains, the crystal Baishuihe River that running through the village, and the layers of terraced fields, all these attractive factors set perfectly with the featured wooden houses in the village. The stilted wooden houses should be one of the most outstanding views in the village. These wooden houses are constructed upon the rising up hillside with bamboo groves dotted before and behind to get a harmonious blend with the charming surrounding idyllic scenery. The spectacular view for a thousand of households becomes more amazing when they are lit up at night, which is usually the main character for photos of the village.

The authentic and distinctive culture and customs are other attraction to enjoy when coming to the One-thousand-household Miao Village. Local people have developed and conserved numerous distinctive customs during the long history which are mainly represented by their lifestyle, costumes and festivals.

When coming to this Miao village, you will see local people dressed up with their featured costumes and exquisite handmade silver accessories and ornaments. Especially when there are festivals and performances, the gorgeous traditional costumes people dressed up are really eye-catching. Local Miao people are quiet good at singing and dancing. They have various kinds of song to express different feelings and wishes. Also they have many traditional festivals with strong Miao flavored that are quite interesting and colorful.

Whether for the beautiful natural scenery or the distinctive wooden stilted houses, whether for the colorful cultures or the relaxed ancient lifestyle, the One-thousand –household Miao Village will get you what surprise and amazement you want.

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