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Experiencing Guangzhou Culture

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Lingnan Impression Garden is a place in Guangzhou filled with numerous traditional alleys, Lingnan architecture, ancestral halls, folk residences and so on. If you have an interest in Guangzhou and its culture beyond food and shopping, you will find this a worthwhile attraction. Despite being out of the way, the subway and a walk/motorbike ride will get you there.

Scenic highlight native Lingnan culture and rural landscape, restoration of the Lingnan civil prosperous life scene, to adapt to the booming cities around the tourism trend of increasing people's lives, to meet the modern city residents growing cultural quest, Fanggu the beautiful, reverted to the travel needs of pastoral culture and Tourism of the Lingnan architectural integrity, deep folk culture, the idyllic village folk customs, culture traceable financial, tourism, rural vacation, leisure and entertainment functions as one of Grand View Garden. The park resembles an old town, with beautiful traditional buildings, a lake with a shadow puppet pavilion and a main street full of attractions, including an open air opera house.

While many of the buildings are for hawking things, the objects they sell usually are tied in with local culture.Training streams hillside near the river, the villagers make the best of the use of the building or the construction of the wall of the oyster shell. Using the stones of the wall of the heart wall with Wong lime, oyster shell and then diagonally paste, while maintaining beautiful, but also the drainage flow of smooth. In addition, the oyster shell wall because of the characteristics of structural materials is more sturdy and durable, cool, fire prevention against typhoons and other advantages to the village loved and the Lingnan architectural features. It is worth exploring any open door since some exhibitions may be located a bit off the main street.

There are art, history, food displays and live shows from opera to puppet theatre. Plus some off-beat things to delight you, such as rooms with optical illusions or displays of Chairman Mao memorabilia. The Statue of the Five Celestial Goats is a well-known landmark to symbolize Guangzhou. The statue was erected in 1959 and sits at the top of the Yuexiu Hill.

Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral and The Huangpu Military Academy, located on Changzhou Island, was a new kind of school set up to educate revolutionary military officers.

The school was found in 1924 by Dr. Sun Yat-sen with assistance from the former Soviet Union and Communist Party of China. Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral is also a wonderful destination in Lingnan Impression Park located on Yide Road. Built in 1863 and completed in 1888, Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral is one of Guangzhou's oldest modern structures. Its abundance of granite walls and pillars has led some people to call it the "Sarcophagus".

You will definitely be enriched in your understanding of the roots of modern Guangzhou and maybe surprised by its rich cultural background. You can learn so much about Lingnan culture here in just one day, like the traditional games you used to play and how Cantonese life was in the old times.

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