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Experiencing Zhouzhuang

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Zhouzhuang is an ancient water town in the South of China, it has nine hundreds history. The most famous attraction scenic spots are the former residence of Shen Wansan, rich ONKYO, Shuang bridge, Shen hall, Strange house and Zhouzhuang... The rich Onkyo is the three-dimensional bridge only which is composed of the building in Jiangnan. The double bridge is made of two bridge actually, and this bridge has unique structure. Shen Hall is the Qing Dynasty courtyard house, the overall structure of rigorous, local style is different; addition Chengxu Taoist, Quanfu Monastery and other religious places. Zhouzhuang entitled "China's first water village" reputation.

Entertainment - Roadway Tour
There are too many boats at this place, the shuttle boat could increase our curiosity about everything in front of us. In fact, this rush cruise in Zhouzhuang is the most charming scenery. Usually, these ships are riding a deep blue hood ( this is the black awning boat). These ships were well organized, and the uniform distributes tourists by management personnel. The boatman will wait patiently for the tourists on board, and then happily shaking their flag, bring tourists towards the beautiful scenery. The boat through the old lane. If you are lucky, you could listen to the barge woman singing. On this boat you could enjoy the picturesque scenery picture, such as small bridge, flowing water, people and beautiful scenery along the shore of Lake garden. 

Special dishes
Distant history and rich cultural accumulation created Zhouzhuang unique dishes, including the most famous "Manzo hoof", you must go to taste. Manzo hoof as an essential dish for wealthy native people to serve their guests, and this dish has spread through several centuries. It's becoming a native Main course of Lunar New Year and weddings meal also, because of this dish means reunion. 

This place still has some other characteristics food such as Manzo cake, The Boy Cucumber, Shrimp, Three Kinds Of Circular and the local water is very special too, taste very sweet.
Shopping ( traditional crafts)
The people of Zhouzhuang have a pair of magic fingers and good sense also. During nine hundred years, they created a number of traditional crafts with high quality. "Zhouzhuang bamboo weaving" and "Zhuang furnace" are the representative works. Zhouzhuang teapot is very distinctive, in other places, the teapot is made of ceramic, but Zhouzhuang’s teapot is made of stone. The local people is very smart, they imagine some pretty then draw it on the wall of the teapot body.
Zhouzhuang has a Culture Street, this street is bustling always, the visitors are liking to visit this street, cause every corner of this street is full of local culture. If you feel tired, then you could have a cup of tea in the teahouse. You could watch some old ladies are making the embroidered shoes on the street, they are using their hand to describe their life, culture and nature on it, therefore the embroidered shoes have a distinct eastern aesthetic.

At night, visit an ancient stage for a cup of tea, listening to opera, feeling the charming, wonderful and moving night of Zhouzhuang.

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