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Explore at Sacred and Legendary Ngari

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Ngari, maybe is the top one place that is not suitable for living because of its ultra high altitude and unpleasant climate, but this place always attracts people to explore by its natural mysterious and sacred power. If Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is called the roof of the world, then Ngari is the roof of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Today let’s get to explore this legendary and mysterious place.

Ngari locates in the extreme west of Tibet with an altitude of 4,500 meters. It is held up by three magnificent mountain ranges, Himalaya range, Kailas Range and Karakoram Range. It is sparsely populated with unique terrain, magnificent mountains, numerous lakes and rivers, Ngari has become the top of thousands mountains and source of thousands rivers. So what sites to explore at Ngari ? Many. Some classic ones? As follows.

Mount Kailash
Mount Kailash is the main peak of Kailas Range, regarded as the most sacred and holy mountain in Ngari region and it is one of the Buddhist sacred land. The sacredness of Mount Kailash lies in its irregular geographical features. Its sunny slope is snow-covered all the year round, but its shady slope is almost clean from snow. Even covered by snow, they will melt immediately when the sun rises. This mysterious feature is opposite to natural rules, plus its magnificence and solemnity with strange rocks, valley, ancient forests and clean streams, it empowers visual and spirit impact on people. You may find it is hard to see its real face, because Mount Kailash is covered by mist throughout the year, which actually adds more sacredness to it.

Lake Manasarovar

Lake Manasarovar lies in the east of Pulan County of Ngari region and the north of Mount Kailash. It is considered as the “Center of the World”by Buddhism and Bonism. It is a freshwater lake with the biggest clarity in China. It is ultra clean and blue with quiet and beautiful surroundings and sacred temples around. Lake Manasarovar is a holy lake for pilgrims. Every summer and autumn, many pilgrims come here to worship this lake. They wash away bad fortunes and evil in this sacred lake so that they will be safe and healthy.

Ruins of Guge Dynasty

There is a groups of ruins standing in the south of Xiangquan River, Tuolin Town, Zhada County, Ngari Region. These ruins of Guge Dynasty are built by Tubo royal descents with a long history of 700 years. History has passed, by these ruins still stands there majestically, leaving precious cultural relics and historical information for researching the history of Tibet. There you can see temples and palaces, clay sculpture of the Buddha and colored murals.

Pulan County

Pulan County has a history of 500 years as an International Trade Center with India and Nepal. Pulan is endowed with rich natural resources. Fertile farmlands, vast grasslands, mountains and rivers. Also it has a rich species of wildlife. Kiang, buffalo, snow leopard and so on. Its grand plateau landform presents a rich and peace life.

There are many other famous site at Ngari, like Tolin Temple, Bangong Lake, Lake Rakshastal, Zhada Tulin and so on. When you have time, pluck up and explore this sacred and mysterious Ngari.

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