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Explore the Beautiful World Underwater at Sanya

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Explore the Beautiful World Underwater at Sanya

When travel to Sanya city, there are a lot of beautiful things to see. Blue sky, blue and clean sea, silver beach, green coconuts groove, soft sands, charming sunshine. But that’s the beautiful world above the blue. Do not just immerse yourself in the beauties of the beach, because the underwater world also really worth you digging out the beauties and excitements.

When standing in front of the sea, water is so blue, so clean, like bright glasses. Water is so deep, that you may be curious about what’s the world like under the sea, how lives are going on under the water. Then have a try to find out by yourself. It happens that there are several great places for diving at Sanya, which offers the wonderful chances to satisfy your curiosity. This is also why people would not miss diving or other water sports when travel to Sanya. So let’s find out those great places for diving at Sanya.

No.1 Wuzhizhou Island
Wuzhizhou Island has been known as the first diving base in China. It locates in Haitang Bay. Wuzhizhou Island is a small island with natural tropical plants on the island and the sea under it has the best preserved coral reef in China. The colorful and rich plants and living beings have attracted many divers every year.

                                                                                                                                                                                ---Wuzhouzhi Island

Sliding down the sea, you see bulbs rising. Five meters, ten meters, fifteen meters, numbers of depth gauge is changing and at the same time noisy from Wuzhizhou Island has been far away. Sound coming out from the breathing machine sounds a little boring, but the underwater world becomes brighter and brighter as you have overcame nervous. All the beauties under the sea spread out slowly and elegantly in front of you. Meanwhile you are enchanted to go deeper and deeper to dig out more.

You see colorful clown fishes swimming around you, then there comes out soft sea anemones, sea urchins and sea cucumbers. Now swim to the behind of the coral reef palace, you see jellyfish lying there elegantly, suddenly a group of colorful tropical fishes come closer to you. These cute ones swim around you, say hellos to you like they’ve known you before. That’s the gorgeous world under the sea.

No. 2 Dadonghai
Under this sea, you see various coral reefs of different shapes and groups of great barrier reefs with rich biological resources and clear visibility of the water. Leaving behind the outside world, dive deep into this sea, embracing those pretty dancing corals and happy fishes, sunshine goes down into the sea, adding more fantasy. That’s the peaceful happiness you are exploring.

No. 3 Kangman Diving Club
This is a diving base where provides professional instructors and related basic diving after-service facilities to secure a safe and pleasant diving for customers.

No. 4 Qingrenwan

Qingrenwan diving is featured by its clear water, rich corals, rows of rocks, various of tropical fishes, stable water flow.

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