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Explore the Evergreen Mount Qingcheng in Chengdu

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Known as one of the famous Taoist mountains in China, Mount Qingcheng has gained its wide popularity by its strong flavor of Taoist culture and its attractive natural scenery. Qingcheng means “green city” in Chinese, as this mountain is connected with 36 peaks like a city and of course this mountain is very green covered by verdant forests.

Renowned for its Taoist temples, Mount Qingcheng is also famous for its tranquility. Mount Qingcheng gets the reputation of “the most peaceful and secluded mountain under heaven”. The secluded mountain and water, forest and pavilion, bridge and path, and those temples, all these tranquil factors in the Mount Qingcheng have formed a peaceful green city. This is why Mount Qingcheng is so popular for those tourists coming from big cities, as this mountain is a great destination for a spiritual experience and soul purification.

When mounting up by the paved stone path, you will hear rustling sound given out by gusty mountain wind when it passes through the luxuriant forest. In addition to the hustles and trickles of mountain streams, these mellow sounds bring a pleasant melody to your ears and will accompany all the way up.

As Taoism is a religion that dedicates to the nature, temples and pavilions at Mount Qingcheng are all built deeply among the flourishing forests. And most of these architectures were constructed with natural materials, like bamboo, rattan, bark and tree root. Without any intentional decoration, these temples and pavilions are harmoniously combined with the surrounded mountain and forest.

The Mount Qingcheng scenic spot is divided into two scenic parts, the front mountain and the back mountain. The front mountain is the main parts of the scenic area with intriguing natural scenery and cultural and historical sites. The famous Shangqinggong Temple, Tianshi Cave, Jianfugong Temple, Zushi Temple, Yuanminggong Temple, Chaoyang Cave, Yuqinggong Temple and Laojunge Temple.

While if you want some special and adventurous experience, the back mountain would be your choice. This back mountain part is much more magnificent for a hiking, but of course is greener than the front mountain. There are the Virgin Cave, Three Tiled Mist Spring, White Cloud Group Caves and Heaven Bridge Site, etc.

Tiansi Temple
is said to be the place where Zhang Daoling preached, who is a famous Taoist teacher in East Han Dynasty.

Shangqinggong Temple
is one of the most well-known Taoist temples in Mount Qingcheng. It is seated at almost the top of the mountain and is the best place to get a bird’s eye view of the whole mountain.

Unique natural sights at Mount Qingcheng to enjoy are the sunrise, the misty “sea of clouds” and the Shengdeng (celestial light). The Shengdeng Pavilion in the Shangqinggong Temple is the best place for the sightseeing of Shengdeng. Whenever the sun shines after the rain is the best time to catch this natural wonder sight.

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