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Explore the beauty of Yangshuo in one day

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    Guilin is the city which has enjoyed the reputation of having the most fantastic natural landscapes in the world. There are magical green pinnacles, crystal-clear water, picturesque rocks and intriguing caves, can provide an unforgettable journey for you.

    Many people have ever heard the saying that the first part is “Guilin’s scenery is the best in the world” and do you know the other part of this saying, it is “ Yangshuo’s scenery is the top of Guilin.”  Being the Karst wonderland in the world,Yangshuo owns the most essential scenery.  Why not come with me to exploring the beauty of Yangshuo?

    Yangshuo is located 63 km south of Guilin, is the longest-established "state-level scenic spot area" is one of a 2,000 years of history. The most beautiful Lijiang River side of town, Take the bamboo raft drifting in the Lijiang River, quietly appreciate the beauty of Lijiang River with zero distance. 

    Other than the amazing natural scenery, Yangshou is also the place of historic humanities. Walk along the West street which is the oldest street in Yangshuo with a history of more than1,400 years, you definitely do not have some surprises!

    Archaic but still maintained the vibrant west, its landscape Another special attraction is a foreign language, culture, learning and communication. It may be in the streets of specialized business language school, but also in bars, art store exchanges. The Chinese teaching foreign friends to learn Chinese, calligraphy, tai chi, cooking, chess and other Chinese culture, and foreign friends in the exchanges with the Chinese people, but also its own language, culture, passed to the Chinese friends to each other in a short period of time completed a "study."

    The food in Yangshou is nothing to miss, Yanghsuo Beer Fish is the must try onw. This is a famous local specialties here,very particular about the use of materials. The fish is pulled out from the Lijiang River. Delicious smell of beer and fish to ensure that lets you appetites as "If you do not eat, you would not know its taste, in turn, you will never forget its favor." Don't hesitate, try it immediately!

    What else in Yangshuo? There is one more cannot miss out point: Impression LiuSanjie. Presented by the eminent director Mr.Zhang Yimou right after the sensational movie HERO, this culture night show, also named splendid Lijiang River and Night Traveling through melodies and pictures will show you a unique man-made landscape of smoke, mists and clouds, as well as a brand new sightseeing and music. The picturesque landscape and fisherman's songs crystallize the charm and civilization of Lijiang River. The night show certainly will bring you one of the greatest pleasures of your life!

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