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Fabulous Scenes of Mount Banbian

 2014-10-08    Young    Sights    Zhejiang    1594  

Banbian Mountain scenic spot in Xiangshan County is one small peninsula that is on the ragged edge of the immense East China Sea and the crystal clear water hugged one another on three sides. The mountains ranges by the sea are very unique, rugged and forbidding. The rocks along the coast are extremely graceful and glorious. The patch of shingle is beautifully colored and very attractive. The sea commands a fine distant view of Banbian Mountain.

The mountain that originally didn't have not very solid rocks in the long river of history, as a result of the impact of the boiling waves of East China Sea day and night without any breathing space, had only left one side of the mountain. It was never clear whether all of a sudden one side of the mountain came tumbling down or crashed into one half of the mountain gradually.

The remaining huge rocks turned into the rocks with an infinite variety of shapes; and the small-sized rocks under the action of the waves were churning about, rolling in billows and colliding to every other without resting. The pinnacled angles had roughened and made a wide variety of pebbles in all their varied shapes and sizes on the beach, which is so beautiful that fascinate one so much as too reluctant to part with.

Visitors could walk along admiring the beauty of the scenery and climb to the southeast mountain slope in the Banbian village. The surpassing beauty of the bay, rocks, the patch of shingle, flat blue calm of the sea and the surging white foam are the first things that salute the eye. Various kinds of cobble-stones of all shapes and sizes sparkled in the bright light, rolling the drag sound full of rhythms in the waves. The practical situation is like one flowing poem, and one ever changing painting.

Walking through the jagged rocks and facing the huge stones, the mountain is shaped the unforgiving eagles. The mountain of Banbian Mountain with its own distinctive feature; the rocks of Banbian Mountain is blessed with far more grandeur. The evolution of the mountain ranges had left a long corridor. On both banks of the sea rise the lofty, precipitous and wall-sided rocks.

There's one tiny sheltered crescent-shaped bay on the other side of the sea. The rocks stretched out as far as your eyes could see. Some of them are very smooth above sea level. Some of them could rise and fall in or as if in waves. The rocks of the nearby sea are superb. Its shape and color are like pumice. The present rocks would show their true appearances with unique shape when the tide is out.

When the winds blew through the holes, the rocks emitted an anonymous sound, inward and indistinct, euphemistic and passionate. I'm afraid that even the conductor is not easy to conduct such one free-flowing and luscious ensemble. One was compelled to say that it's a marvelous trick of rocks in the Banbian Mountain.

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