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Fabulous Shuanglang,Dali

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Located on the northeastern coast of tranquil Erhai Lake,Dali,Shuanglang is a fabulous ancient town.It has a the poetic scenery and it's the place where Nanzhao Island located which is a national 4A level scenic spot.People say that Shuanglang is paradise that you will forget to leave. 

Facing to Erhai Lake and having a background of green mountains,Shuanglang is a beautiful quiet fishing village.You can find all romantic themes here like  wind, flower, snow and moon.People live a happy life here.Every day you can see the white snow on the Cangshan Mountain, moonlight reflecting on the Erhai Lake and the well-known flowers in Shangguan Town.

What you can do in Shuanglang:
Erhai Lakeside bicycling:Bicycling around the Erhai lake is a great experience.It feel nice and good for health.The magnificent scenery, good sea road condition and beautiful sunlight will make you wanna live in Shuanglang forever.

There are many bars in Shuanglang.You can enjoy your night at Tang Dynasty bar or sing KTV in barbecue half street.
Taste the local food:The delicious Shuanglang cuisine featured with fish,citrus,rice noodle.

Enjoy the local lifestyles in Wase Fair.Every 5th and 10th of each month,the local people from different villages will go to Wase Fair.The local people trade goods there which is very interesting. 

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