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Fabulous Xieyang Island in Beihai

 2014-03-21    Selina Ou    Sights    Beihai    2398  

When travel to Beihai City of Guangxi Province, Weizhou Island is a hot destination. It has beautiful and gorgeous coastal scenery. But about 10 miles away from the Weizhou Island, there locates a small island called Xieyang Island, which is also very attractive, and quite special.

This is a small island with an area of no more than 2 square kilometers. Xieyang, means slanting sun in Chinese. Xieyang Island gets its name as you can see the full view of the slanting sun shading on the island standing on Weizhou Island. And it is the moment it gets its best views when sun sets.

Xieyang Island is shaped like a lotus in full bloom with a hollow center down and the circumference protruding. It is an island created by volcanic activity, thus you can enjoy marvelous spectaculars of marine erosion, marine deposition and lava scenery. There are numerous round small pits created by volcano eruptions. Whenever the sea tide is out, these holes are full of sea water and they resembles numerous blue glittering jewels scattered in the island under the sunshine. When you get a close look, you will see circles of remarks carved in the rock formations like wrinkles by the ancient.

Sea water around Xieyang Island is quite blue, even a little green, but quite clear and crystal. Standing on the island, you can see the colorful small fishes and corals under the sea. In this island, there grows a lot of Masson Pine, Taiwan Acacia, Banyan tree, cactus and other vegetation. You will see green trees and beautiful flowers decorated the island.

Xieyang Island has its best views when sun sets, so do not miss the splendid views at that time. Under the sunsets, every single life in the island has its moment. The shining waves, the pleasant breeze, the swaying trees and flowers, the ancient rocks, the distant boats and fishermen, you can even see cute crawling crabs come out to enjoy the beautiful scene.

People living in Xieyang Island lives a simple and casual life. They lives on fishing and this is why you can taste fresh and tasty fish dishes if you have the chance to eat in a local family.

Xieyang Island is quite a simple and primitive island compared with Weizhou Island. So it lacks tourism resources and entertainment. But it is the island you can experience the peace and primitive life of a fisherman. You can reach at Xieyang Island from the dwarf of Weizhou Island, which only takes half an hour. 

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