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Fairy Land on Earth-Changbai Mountain

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Changbai Mountain is situated in the southwest of Jilin province, it is also the birthplace of Manchu. Record about Changbai Mountain can be found in literature from 4000 years ago. It is the highest mountain in northeast of China. It is also a giant natural museum with rich biological resources.Ginseng, velvet antler, products of yanbian mink, known as the "triple gem" in northeast China. The highest peak is called The General Peak, about 2750 meters above sea level.

There are three reasons why it got the name as Changbai Mountain(Always White), first, there is snow on Changbai Mountain all the year round, second, the mountain is formed volcano eruption, volcano ashes look like still white after snow melting from the distance; third, white clouds surrounding the mountain always. According to the 3 best tourists products rules, forests, ice & snow, seas, Changbai mountain has two, no wonder it’s such a hot tourist spot.

After a long hard queue, we finally got into the mountain. Green is all over my eyes, decorated with colorful flowers. Then I heard someone screaming, “Look at that! The unique plants lovers in Changbai mountain!”It was about one pine tree and one birch lean against each other, just like a couple. Sadly I was too excited that I forgot to capture this amazing scene. There was a kind flower that you could only find in here, which was called iris. It was purple with six leaves facing above, three facing upwards and the rest facing downwards. It looked so pretty. I would have picked some with me if it wasn’t against the rules here.

Before we came to Changbai Waterfall, the sound already impressed everyone. It wasn’t the biggest waterfall I had ever seen, but definitely it was the most beautiful one. Because of the steep mountain and fast-moving streams, it looked like a ladder reaching to the heaven. There was a rock called Cowboy Cross that separated the waterfall into two streams like two brutal dragons, reaching to the valley bottom.Everyone was looking at the falls in awe and was amazed by this gift by nature.

The fork on the climbing road to the Changbai valley was the best location to watch the Giant Crouching Buddha.Standing here and looking to the main peak of the mountain, miracles was about to show. Above the green trees and flowers, under the blue sky and white clouds, a huge crouching buddha made by heaven came into sight. Actually it is formed by several peaks by Changbai Mountain, but what are the odds it looks like a buddha. God knows.

However, not every tourist is lucky enough to see the buddha. It also depends on many factors, like the weather, the clouds and others. The weather here tends to change all the time, one minute is bright sun over your head, the next you might need to use umbrella or worse, put on some thick clothes cuz it starts snowing.

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