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Fairy Scene of Yulong Snow Mountain

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Yulong Snow Mountain with stunning scenery is located on the Jinshajiang River, only 15km north of Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County, Yunnan Province. It's clearly visible from the city and is the most renowned massif in Yunnan. With trees clothed in leafy splendor, the Yulong Snow Mountain bursts into bloom every spring with camellias and others. Thousands of visitors came here to view the wonderful scenery which looked stunning and tranquil with a small but unbelievably clear lake, fed by the melting water of the nearby Yulong Snow Mountains.

Shanzidou which is considered to be the main peak of the mountain is best known of all. It rises to a height of over 5,596 meters above sea level. From the summit of the main peak Shanzidou, one can have a panoramic view of the city of Lijiang by hazy trees and surrounded by a verdant countryside. And the snowy main peak towers above all the others. The highest Shanzidou peak in a mountain range is straight and aloof and arrogant, other little summits surround upright around, are hoped, seem exactly one dodges the crown of silver light. Shanzidou is shaped like a snow-white piramide, looking scared, noble and solemn in the mountains. It is a famous scenic spot tucked away in the depth of Yulong Snow Mountain.

Yulong Snow Mountain is marked by its great plant diversity which makes it become one of the largest natural preservation zone. The plants here are distributed vertically according to climate, latitude, and season. The mountain enjoys a fine reputation of the Treasure House of Plants. In other words, stereoscopic topography, climate and season gradually form an interactive biological circle, which brings fame to this land as plant treasure land.

Her splendour and beauty not only take its rise from the mighty mountains and everlasting silver white snow, but also from the vagaries of climate with the alternation of day and night and alternate seasons of the year. At the Yulong Snow Mountain visitors could drink in to their heart's content the full beauty of natural scenery, with the snow-capped mountains, the endless forests and the hot springs, etc. Soaring white snow peaks and high cliffs along with highly variable cloud sea reflect alternatively and accommodate seamlessly to form the magnificent and stunning sights. There're plenty of other tourist destinations atop the mountain. Yulong Snow Mountain is world-known because of its loftiness, magnificence and mysteriousness.

There's a camellia tree of world renown available in the Yufeng Temple. The camellia blossoms with 20,000-odd flowers are a more fiery scarlet every year, which makes one grasp the meaning of the line "Spring as fathomless as the sea. The story is going about that the tree was cultivated in the Chenghua reign of the Ming Dynasty. I had thought this plant a rare and precious one, but to my astonishment I saw its scarlet blooms flashing out from nearly all the mountain road I passed. If you watch carefully, you'll see the leaves of the camellia tree appearing in two shapes with two different kinds of colors. 

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