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Famous Restaurants in Changsha

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When mentioning what sights to see at Changsha city, there are a lot to see. Yuelu Mountain, Orange Island, Window of World, Hunan Provincial Museum. When mentioning what to eat at Changsha city, there are also a lot to answer. Hunan Cuisine, famous ones like Chili Fish Head, Braised Pork, Spicy Chicken. Popular local flavor snacks like stinky tofu, spicy shrimp, glutinous rice cakes, sisters dumplings and so on... Today let’s get to know two famous dining restaurants at Changsha city.

Fire Palace

First of all, this is a restaurant. Secondly, this is a Temple of Hephaestus. Then, this is a typically public place gathers folk culture, religious culture and food culture of Changsha and Hunan province.

                                                                                                                                                                             ---Fire Palace

Fire Palace locates at Pozi Street, which is a whole street delicates to Changsha local flavor snacks, and Fire Palace stands out there. Fire Palace is a restaurant featured with grand and imposing temple and antique palaces. Its architecture is so impressive, making it a must-go special spot at Changsha.

---Fire Palace

Actually there are a lot to do when go to Fire Palace. Enjoy those delicious local snacks comes the top. Here at Fire Palace, you are able to eat all kinds of Changsha and Hunan local snacks. Stinky tofu, of course. Glutinous rice cakes, sisters dumplings, fired dough twists and too many to name all. If you want Hunan Cuisine, there also can satisfy you with authentic dishes. Braised Pork, this is the must-have there. At the same time, you can listen to Hunan Opera at the same time and watch other art performance. That’s so wonderful.

                                                                                                                                                              ---Fire Palace Snacks
West Lake Restaurant

This is really a restaurant could be described as a magnificent one. It is one of the largest restaurants in the whole world with a capacity of 5,000 seats and a total covering of 5.8 hectares. It is a restaurant, but actually can be regarded as a palace. It comes with good location and convenient transportation. Alongside with Hunan Provincial Radio and TV Center, it is west to Liuyang River, 20 minutes from Changsha Huanghua International Airport in the east and north to the Window of World.

 ---West Lake Restaurant

What special are its buildings. All are constructed in the traditional Chinese architecture style. Impressive tower, green walls and tiles, all these are set harmoniously with carved pavilions and balconies, also lake and bridge. The entire complex covers four different specified areas. Xiang Cuisine Areas with 70 large and small rooms, together with a performance hall. Imperial Palaces Area with luxury private rooms, Cantonese Cuisine Area and the last Snack Food Street.

---West Lake Restaurant

Dining at West Lake Restaurant, you will mainly get to enjoy Xiang cuisine and Cantonese cuisine. All are delicate, delicious and authentic. If to recommend, Spicy Fish Head is the one must to taste. Then Steamed Preserved Hams, Sheet Jelly Mutton and so many dishes are waiting for you to enjoy. Just imagine dining at this gorgeous restaurant with beautiful decoration and pleasant environment, tasting those delicious dishes, enjoying daily shows, feeling the cozy and warm atmosphere, it is really an amazing dinner.

So when you travel to Changsha city, get these two gorgeous restaurant into your list, you’ll be amazed.

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