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Famous Streets in Beijing

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When travel to Beijing, we usually go to visit those famous attractions where we can discover the unique charm of Beijing City and experience the authentic Beijing culture. Then the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Hutongs, Yonghe Lamasery and many other attractions are great choices. While, to know the most original Beijing culture and experience the most genuine Beijing life, there are several famous streets that you should not miss out. Here a list of top famous streets is provided for your reference.

Wangfujing Street

Wangfujing Street should be one of the most popular attractions and the most famous business districts in Beijing. To see the prosperity of Beijing, to taste various delicious Beijing snacks, to buy various products from local handcrafts and souvenirs to fashionable and luxury products, Wangfujing Street attracts numerous people every day.

Guozijian Street

Guozijian Street is one of China’s famous cultural streets. It has a history more than 700 years. This street is characterized with peaceful and tranquil environment, and rich history and culture. While within Guozijian Street, there locates the famous Guozijian which is also known as The Imperial College as it acts as the school for the imperial families during the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. The famous Temple of Confucius also stands in Guozijian Street. Along the 669 meters long Guozijian Street, you will see a lot of historical and cultural sites, ancient style houses, archways and alleys.

Qianmen Street
Qianmen Street is another famous pedestrian street in Beijing. It has a history more than 570 years and is featured with ancient Beijing styled architectures and old Beijing shops. As it is located in the south of Tiananmen Square, Qianmen Street is always a priority choice for leisure and sightseeing after a pleasant time at the Tiananmen Square.

Qianmen Street is actually a great place to find the authentic taste of old Beijing and to feel the traditional life of local Beijing people. But also, Qianmen Street is modern. When strolling in Qianmen Street, you can go sightseeing on the main street, eating delicious food such as Quan Ju De Beijing Duck, candid haws, and old Beijing yogurt at the east of the street, or you can buy some interesting handcrafts and unique souvenirs at those numerous small shops on the west of the street. There is another thing I have to mention, is the special Dangdang Car which is actually a kind of electronic tram for sightseeing. It is very cute.

Ghost Street (Guijie)
When mentioning places for delicious food, or when it comes to Beijing nightlife, Ghost Street is always at the top of the list. Along the Ghost Street, there stand about 150 shops, while more than 90% of them are restaurants specializing food from various places. You can find traditional local Beijing food like Peking barbecue, hot and sour soup, quick-fired tripe, wheaten cake boiled in meat broth an Pork in broth, also you will find hot and spicy crayfish and grilled fish from other places. Ghost Street has its prime time at night. When Beijing City is all lights on, the Ghost Street welcomes its busy hours with groups of people. To eat delicious food and experience Beijing nightlife, Ghost Street is a great choice.

Liulichang Cultural Street

Liulichang Cultural Street is a famous cultural street in Beijing. For those tourists who are fond of Chinese traditional culture, ancient books, calligraphy, paintings, rubbings, ink stones, antiques and curios. Originated in Qing Dynasty, Liulichang Cultural Street has a rich deposit of culture and history. There you can buy treasures of ancient books, interesting and unique antiques, jades and the four treasures of the study, also you can experience the charm of Chinese traditional culture. Famous shops in the Liulichang Cultures Street like Rongbaozhai, China Bookshop and Yidege are shops should not be missed.

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