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Fancy Rock Lake in Zhanjiang

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Today I'm going to show you around the famous spot of interest, Rock Lake, in my beloved hometown, Zhanjiang. This lake is characterized by its natural performance advanced from a volcano. There an only 2 of this kind of Marr Lake in this world, one is in German, the other is in Zhanjiang. They are the twins as we know, and that's why it enjoys such a high reputation and attracts millions of visitors every year.

Mirror Lake

It is located in the southwest of Zhanjiang, Guangdong province, and is part of the Leizhou Peninsula. The Rock Lake is also called the lake of mirror in light of the clear face of the lake. When you take a look into the lake, you can catch an enchanting reflection of the dancing clouds and vast blue sky. And what's more interesting, you are allowed to swim in the lake, after having a bath you will find your skin get whiter. The secret lies in the elements of the lake water, which does well to the skin. The lake is surrounded by mountains, which is as precious as the apple of their eyes. Here is filled with fresh air and it is called the natural air bar. This is a wonderful place to free your mind and body, smelling the fresh air, getting close to the history of an old brainchild of a used-to-be volcano.

In fact, when you put your first step into this tourist resort, you will catch the first sight of this zone. It is said the figures of the dragon, fish and turtle were built to take care of this lake, and they are the protectors. The figures are made of bronze, and as for the kind turtle one, which has a moving story. The turtle had saved a lot of people's life when they were in danger, and he was the eldest animal in this place. What’s more, he was also a nice listener, if you could tell him your wishes, he will try to help you make your dream come true, that’s why he is always highly respected and called magical turtle.

The Original Rainforest

What attracts people the most is zone of original rainforest, all you have to do is to climb up the mountain to have your enjoyable experience. It is said when you are climbing the mountain here, it would not be thirsty work and you will feel enhanced by a blast of secret power. And along the way, you will get a real chance to feel the power of the nature, this is a place covered with all kinds of original old plants, like the greens on the rocks, the tress in the forest. It’s like having an adventure in the jungle, how exciting it is!

The Rock Lion Cave

This is a more interesting place! You will go into a cave with darkness, sometimes some colorful lights will come out, which might scare you away, and you can catch a sight of a set of well-known figures made of rocks, like Monkey King, Ghost and so on. And you will hear some thrilling sound of the wind running into the wind to cause goose bumps on your skin. The deeper you go, the scarier you will feel. When you move out, you will feel relaxed again.

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