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Fantastic Scenery in Zhangjiajie

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To travel is to seek new and different landscapes which surprised you so much, broaden your horizon and open your mind. The more peculiar the landscape is the more you gain. Then, let’s to go this special place - Zhangjiajie see what will you gain.


Zhangjiajie is one of the most famous tourist attractions. Its grotesque mountains and sinuous and torrential waters make this place an incomparable scenic spot. Here, all kinds of tourist sources are available such as mountains, waters, karren, drifting, cultural landscape so and so forth.

Let’s go to the Zhangjiajie Forest National Park first. This park is located in northwest of Hunan province Zhanjiajie city. In 2004 Feb, it was listed to the World Geology Park. Within the park, there are altogether more than 8,000 cliff mountains, towing into the sky like a dancing group, with various physical appearance and grand force of character. Standing on the top of a mountain, tourists may recognize the actors: the towing pillars, the indestructible high city walls; some bring you a chill like two stacked eggs; some allow you relax like a waving boat. 98% of the park is covered with all kinds of green plants. The perfect natural ecology system is called a “Natural Museum and natural zoo” as well.

There is a special flower you can only see in Zhangjiajie, that is lobster flower. The feature is like a dragon and has different colors. According to the size of the flower, they can be classified into caridina, shrimp and lobster. The anthesis of this flower is between summer and autumn. Some of them are twins buds, it is called “twins lobster flower”. The colors of these flowers are abundant some are as scarlet as coral, some are as golden as chrysophoron, some are as purple as grape. Often, the flower is under the green leaf, the anthocaulus is like a green silk. We called it “moss hanging lobster”. The flowers are hanging under the green leaves, contending in beauty, dancing in the breeze, they are vivid as living lobsters.

Another great mountain is Tianzi Mountain, Tianzi means emperor, so it means that it is the mountain of mountains. The fog and mist among the mountain always praised by tourists. It’s much more spectacular after rain, just like fairyland. The surging fog looks like cascades, waves, billows, waddings after a rain. That is much more spectacular, just like fairyland.

Have you ever seen any landscape can change its scenery in different time in a day? The landscape is different seasons are not strange but in a day it is really fantastic. Tianzi Mountain in the early morning sunshine looks like a brilliant and bright painting, under the noon sunshine is a golden Chinese painting, under the moonlight looks like an ink painting. It is honored as the most beautiful Garden in the Air in the world.

If you see very big hole like an arch in the mountain, it must be Tianmen Mountain. It is a natural hole, and many pilots who are interested in risking usually come here driving a plane flying through the hole.

There are so many mountains in Zhangjiajie, and they are too high to reach. How can we get to the peak of the mountain and stand there scan the whole scenery? Please do not worry. There is a spiral road to the peak. The whole length of the road is 10.77 km, start from the height of 200 meters to 1300 meters high, and 99 abrupt turns among the road. Abysses are beside the spiral road, to take a bus to the top is like riding a breathtaking Roller Coaster.

The beautiful scenery in Zhangjiajie is beyond description and imagination. And the scenery is far more as depicted here. Only go there have a visit by your own can experience the great gift that endowed by the natural mother and you will find that it is deserve to go.

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