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Fantastic Yingchang Valley in Sichuan

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The Yingchang Valley of Longmen Mountain with good ecological environment and beautiful natural scene belongs to national-level scenic spot. Situated in White Water River National Forest Park and White Water River State-level Natural Preservation Area, Yingchang Valley is the core of Pengzhou Scenic Area and is 89km away from Chengdu City.

It got its name because Liuyuliang as the senior grand secretary came here to open the silver mine during the reign of Ming Emperor Chongzhen. The height above sea level of Yingchang Valley is about 2,000 meters, which make the temperature in Yingchang Valley about 4 centigrade degree lower than that Chengdu. The high temperature in the summer is no more than 24 centigrade degree. The evening is delightfully cool and peaceful. It's the natural, secluded and beautiful summer scenic place that is closest to downtown area of Chengdu and the highest altitude.

In the Yingchang Valley area mountains rise steeply and rivers crisscross. Sunlight slants down from above, dense mist surges up from below; the radiant, colorful and flourishing clouds are a magnificent sight. Ancient trees that reach into the skies are located low on the slopes of the valley. The swift-flowing rivers on the steep clay banks were revealing and screening again through the thick forest and sheer cliffs, which cast a sort of undefined impenetrable mystery and solemn solitude over the magnificent valley.

The view that differs so much from each other is delightful in all four seasons. Only when you view the well-known azaleas which enable you to grasp the meaning of the line "Spring as fathomless as the sea' during the warm spring days; In winter, the wintry snow scenes will bring you to the world of fairyland, clad in white and crystal clear world!

The jade green lush and green mountain forest can be seen everywhere in this area during the high summer days and the golden autumn months. The clear stream and rapid stream set off surging white foam and form a sight of incredible spectacle. Yingchang Valley possesses the classic representativeness of the mountain and water in Sichuan.

Yingchang Valley is the essence of Longmen Mountain Grand Canyon Scenic Spot. The precipitous mountains heavily overgrown with bushes towered to the skies. Its unique natural geographical condition has created one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, with jagged mountain peaks, deep valleys that line criss-cross in a dense network.

All that makes up the tumultuous torrent rushing with terrific force flowing away into the distance. It has always been known for its suspension bridge, plank road, deep valley, grotesque rock, great waterfall and bright rainbow. The splendorous scene of the waterfall and dragon pond, the verdant mountain vegetation, the crystalline mountain stream, all of these constitute the tourist destinations with unique characteristics in Sichuan.

A variety of wild vegetables grow in profusion there, also other delicacies including wild pigs and pheasants are from the high mountains. A diverse mix of these animals and plants grow mainly on their own! 

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