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Fascinating Mount Maoer in Guangxi

 2014-06-13    Young    Sights    Guilin    2261  

The curious peak of Mountain Maoer is the huge granite rock that resembles the sleeping cat, hence the name Mountain Maoer. It is located within the boundaries of Ziyuan County and Xingan County. It is a well-known Northeast-to-Southwest mountain range. Mountain Maoer runs for about 60 kilometers and 10-15 kilometers wide.

Moreover, Mountain Maoer Natural Reserve in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is one part of the Nanling Mountains, the important section for diversity of terrestrial biological resources of globally significant. The famous Mountain Maoer is blessed with old massif, complex terrain and physiognomy, moderate climate, exceedingly rich water supply, fine-grained fertile soil and all kinds of species of plants and animals.

It had received the sanction and approval of establishing in 1976 by the government of Guangxi, and was concluded in the network of Chinese Biosphere Reserve Protection Area in 1999. The long and narrow mountain ranges with its stiff cliffs and high-rising peaks are large and quite imposing. Its main protection objects are the fairly complete forestry ecosystem of primitive subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, rare and endangered species of flora and fauna, and water reservation forest at the source of Lijiang because of the fact that Mountain Maoer is the source of Lijiang, Zi River and Xun River.

Mountain Maoer with unique natural conditions is rich in hydraulic power potentials, clear lines of mountains and rivers, and luxuriant forests, all of them provide a sound ventilation for the development of tourism that is beneficial to the protection of the ecological environment.

Mountain Maoer is situated in the Nanling mountainous area. Here is a dense forest, is one of the important water source self-control place in South China, and the rivers vertically and horizontally within the territory of Mountain Maoer. With quiet and tasteful surroundings, the mountains here are as beautiful as a painting.

With its unique mountain environment and appropriate climatic condition, Mountain Maoer formed the picturesque scenic sights and many weather landscapes that no one who was fortunate enough to be there is likely ever to forget that memorable scenery. The scenic spot combined with sunrise, sunset, the sea of clouds, misty rain, snow and ice are all with high landscape value. The weather on the mountains has many changes within a short time.

The biological resources here contain a rich variety of ingredients. The famous rare ahemlock trees were remained from the glaciations and are referred to as the "living fossil" in the panorama of beautifully balanced fauna and flora with megasequoias and gingkoes. The scenic area is remote from the village, no farmland and unfrequented region. The vast majority of the mountains are kept in its original condition.

The vast amount of the most typical original species in Orchids and genera Liriodendron, still live in the Northwest gorge of Mountain Maoer. It is blessed with abundant wild azaleas with 38 species. Every summer there is a wide variety of azaleas hastening in blossom; azaleas of all sorts are blooming in a riot of color. What an inviting prospect! 

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