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Fascinating Mount Yawu in Henan

 2014-11-03    Young    Sights    Henan    1977  

Yawu Mountain National Forest Park is in the south of Yuling township of Lingbao City in Henan province that is situated on the borders between Shanxi, Shaanxi and Henan, belongs to the northern peak of Xiaoqinling area. Yawu Mountain could take the steep and vigorous five peaks as the main part, make a feature of forest-clad mountains and limpid streams and make the traditional Taoist culture as the connotation.

Yawu Mountain has an indescribable romantic charm of many cultural sites like tower, cave, temple and hall. Especially the Yusuo heavenly lake has the altitude of over 1,200 meters above sea level, and the water surface accounts for 75,000 square meters, which is a rare and typical alpine lake in the Central Plains. Yawu Mountain with the abundant human landscape is blessed with the historical deposition for thousands of years.

Yawu Mountain with fantastic mountain, beautiful valley, grotesque rocks and heavenly lake was waiting for the visitors to unlock her secrets with its unique charm. Yawu Mountain is located about 100 kilometers to the west side of the Sanmen Gorge. Story has it that it's the place where Zhenwu the Great worked extremely hard in cultivating themselves.

During the period of Tourism Fair, there're rich and varied activity of culture like art performances, mountain-climbing competitions and folk shows. Yawu Mountain is the mountain scenic resort for traveling, summer resort, sanatorium and scientific research.

Yawu Mountain with forest coverage reaching 95%, flowers are competing in splendor in the spring days; the shady trees were sweet and clear during the height of the summer; the red autumn leaves may be seen throughout all the mount in the golden autumn; the hills and forests are clad in white in the cold winter days. Stepping into Yawu Mountain, you could feel as if you had been in a different world. On entering Yawu Mountain, you could feel as if you had been in one natural landscape painting what is depicted by the professional painter.

On all sides, verdant green greet the eye. You could see gorgeous flowers blanketing hill and dale, bees fly and butterflies dancing, the spring singing mellifluously and the fishes romping about. A feeling of returning to nature and melting into nature crept over us. Compared with the world-known Hua Mountain, Yawu Mountain has the same kind of the grand, wonderful, vicious, graceful and wild natural scenery.

The more fantastic thing is that Yawu Mountain could reveal a rush of sensitivity all over. Yawu Mountain is extremely plentiful in natural resources, framed like a vast emerald in its setting of the small Qingling Mountain. The mountain peak is steep and beautiful, with abundant water resources, many stream spring water and waterfalls.

Here you could view the blue sky and white cloud, the pure running stream and clearing water. The stream went gurgling on all the year around. The beauty spot had the transitional feature from northern subtropical region to the south temperate wet belt. The place also supports numerous species of plants and animals. It's natural place to live and multiply for various animal species. 

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