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Fascinating Mount Zhutan in Hangzhou

 2014-09-27    Young    Sights    Zhejiang    1477  

Zhutan Mountain is located in the Xiandu scenic spot in Hangzhou City in Zhejiang province. The major tourist attractions include Xian Causeway, Huiweng Pavilion, Nine-Dragon Wall and Chaoran Pavilion. On entering the scenic spot, and the first thing that catches the eye is the long causeway called Xian causeway between two bridges. The arching willows dance in the breeze on either side of Xian causeway.

The cobbled Xian causeway is both romantic and amorous, which is the first choice for local lovers to photograph the wedding. With higher and higher visibility, the tourist spot here is fetching in thousands of new couples from the neighboring counties and even far away. As a matter of fact, the fundamental reason for Xian causeway to become bride photo shooting location is its optimum position to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Dingfeng Lake.

People could make Dingfeng Lake and Lian Stream become the background of wedding photos, working together to witness their love. The implication is that the real lovers loving each other will resembled the reflection of Dingfeng Lake in the brilliantly blue water; there is something of each in the other. There's one Wangfeng Pavilion with four pyramidal roofs and the neighboring waterside pavilion, which not only dominates the landscape, but also become the best viewfinder spot for photographing.

The finest view of the Xian causeway is from this point. The beautiful Dingfeng Lake on the shore is very straight and tall while Dingfeng Lake in the water is charming with many countenances-pretty and gracefulness, drifting with the tide. When the slanting light of the setting sun is spilling golden light, Dingfeng Lake on the banks or in the stream is both quite strikingly beautiful, as of the richly decorated jade palaces in the sky. The landscape with the picturesque setting is the cream of the fairyland.

From ancient times, the famous people all over the world would stop to enjoy the scenery. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, it gradually became the best place for the leadership of the Central Committee, the local authorities and visitors to take a photo as a memento. Huiweng Pavilion is one side of the man-made pavilion in the cave, with the area of 90 square meters and timber structure.

There was one broad stream with silent waters running deep at the foot of the mountain. Story has it that the philosopher of the Sung Dynasty Zhu Xi as his courtesy name Huiweng was once used to have a rest here. The scenic sights here were named after the last name and courtesy name of Zhu Xi. Huiweng rock reached tens of meters in height, stretching both north and south about hundreds of meters.

The precipitous cliffs and crystal pools, ancient caves and sky-kissing ancient trees is another admirable place to look for and visit place of interest in Xiandu. If you want to appreciate its infinite charm of Zhutan Mountain, just slowly bring yourself into sitting position, and the feeling of the natural quietness, refreshments and simplicity. 

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