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Fascinating Zhangguan Karst Cave

 2014-10-08    Young    Sights    Chongqing    1792  

Zhangguan Water-eroded Cave is especially noted for its water, which is the large karst cave and nearest the outskirts of Chongqing City. It's situated in the east of Sichuan. The curvaceous and extending peaks with graceful and peaceful appearance offer many attractions. According to historical records, the cave takes its name from the Ming Dynasty. Among which range upon range of four-layer Karst cave waterfall could be one of the most spectacular landscapes.

The most hilarious site could be the cave reflection alternated reality and illusory in the water, the dreamy and ranging rowing on the Yin River. Remarkably, the wonder in the field of biology is the lichens plants, fern plants and bryophyte plants that grow inside the dark and deep cave. Zhangguan Water-eroded Cave could be called the Natural Cave Botanical Museum by the experts. It is the daedal hand of nature including stalagmite, stalactite, columns and curtains in the various shapes.

Here you could view the babbling brook with continuous low murmuring sound, the dreamy water-town, the mist and clouds in the twilight, which would make one doubt if it's in a man's world in the seventh heaven. The imagination played in visitors' minds, which is really the spectacular scenery. The air is very fresh and sweet inside the cave, cool in summer and warm in winter, at an even temperature of 18 degrees centigrade all year round.

The very clear and translucent subterranean stream with the constant flow of water could be one rare natural Oxygen bar hidden in the deep mountains. Visitors could go drifting inside the underground river where they could not only experience the dangerous and exciting sports but also leisurely admire the marvels and beauties of the underground river.

According to historical documents of botanists in the Chinese Academy of Sciences and cave experts, the quantity of oxygen in the air inside the Zhangguan Water-eroded Cave is very high. The soil, ambient air temperature and humidity could provide a suitable condition for the growth of plants. From the perspective of the types and numbers of recently revealed dozens of cave plants, Zhangguan Water-eroded Cave deserves the title of Natural Cave Botanical Museum.

Zhangguan Ancient Mountain Village on the Yunxia Peak is stated in the mountains and the perpendicular cliff, steep and beautiful. The village near the ancient pass had been developed into the camping district with many projects like the renowned native dancing performance, fresh tea garden and wilderness camping, exceedingly fascinating and charming.

The beauty spot with an area of about 32 square kilometers is blessed with the longest underground river in Asia with the total length of 6 kilometers. Zhenguan Lake with crystal-clear water is located in the Zhangjia Cave tourist area. The shadowy woods around the lake are luxuriantly green all the year round, with the cool refreshing breeze flowing the billows. The afterglow of sunset was laden with the sweet scent of lotus. You could invite friends to have heart-to-heart talks and enjoy tea the fragrance in the cup. 

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