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Feasting in Hong Kong

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There are more and more foreigners who like paying a visit to Hong Kong, there are the following reasons. First of all, English are widely used in Hong Kong, it’s easy for you to communicate with the local people. Secondly, and the living style of Hong Kong people tends to be similar to the British style. Last but not the least, the local food has a long history and very delicious. There are all kinds of food for your choice; maybe it's hard for you to make you own decision. Don’t worry, here comes the most popular ones for you to have a feast, and your satisfaction is guaranteed for sure without questions. Well, let’s hit the road and check it out the delicious food we are chasing after, go!

Roast Pork
In China, roast sucking pig is a high-class dish; people usually eat it when it comes to important festivals or for treating honored guests, which tastes very delicious and enjoyable. When I am speaking of it, my mouth is greatly watering. Ha-ha, let’s take a bite! This dish is made of whole pig, by the well-done roasting, it appears to be covered with golden sunshine, and the whole house is filled with the attractive smell to seduce your trying. The skin outside is very crispy and thanks to the honey added to enhance its performance, it tastes a little bit sweet. When it comes into the meet inside, you will lose yourself into the fabulous tenderness and smoothness with a touch of pink the color. What’s more, when the meat is eaten with warm and soft glutinous rice to mix them together, the aftertaste is meant to make a deep impression on you.



Beef Noodles
This dish is very poleax among the Hong Kong people, it is a better choice for breakfast for midnight snack, for which it's simple but wonderful in taste. This dish is also sold in small canteen, which is much closer to people's life than the expensive menu in high-class restaurant. The local beef sirloin noodles are very different with the one in other places, and the secret lies in the side dish companied with this beef sirloin noodles, it’s the big chops of white radish, which is sweet and clear in taste, along with the well-done beef sirloin, it helps to clear up your appetite and enhance the preface of the meat, in this way, the taste will be full-bodied and fresh. The noodles soup is light in taste but contributes to an easy-going and friendly aftertaste. 


Snake Soup
The local people think highly of this soup, it is said it can help drive away the coldness inside your body and kill some illness as well, it’s consider as one kind of tonic. The price is high but it's worth your try. The snake meat tastes very smooth and soft, along with the side dish like mushroom and seafood, what’s more, the soup will be added a few pieces of lemon to add a touch of careful freshness to combine with the softness and tenderness. It’s strongly recommended to have this soup in cold winter, after having it, you will feel warm all around. Yes, it does work! It’s usually served in a big pot, just call your friends to eat and share with each other.



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