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Featured Kunshan in Autumn

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Kunshan, worldwide famous as the hometown of Kunqu Opera, is located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, between Shanghai and Suzhou and neighbours Changchu, Taicang, Wujiang and Shanghai cities. The city lies on the Taihu Lake Plain of Yangtze River Delta. Beside Kunqu Opera, Kunshan has much else to offer.

Kunshan enjoys a long history and profound culture. The most famous attractions in the city should be the old towns with thousand years of history, including Jinxi Ancient Town, Zhouzhuang and Thousand-Lamp Ancient Town where you will see a tranquil, peaceful and leisurely life rather than the busy life in cities. The traditional Chinese buildings with handing roofs and painted columns, small wooden boats, arch bridges and the charming scenery in the towns will also leave you deep impressions. Moreover, you really should not miss Yangcheng Lake featuring delicious fresh water crab and Dingshan Lake with beautiful landscape.

Zhouzhuang, one of the most famous water townships in China, situated in Kunshan City which is only 30 km southeast of Suzhou. It is noted for its profound cultural background, the well preserved ancient residential houses, the elegant watery views and the strong local colored traditions and customs.

Jinxi Town. Jinxi is located in the southwest of Kunshan City with an area of about 90.69 square kilometers and a population of approximately 50,000. It is a typical water township of southern China with 16 lakes of different sizes and 238 river ways.

You cannot miss the Yangcheng Lake Fresh Water Crab during your trip in Kunshan, and the best time is between September and November. Bacheng Crab Garden at No.101 Xiefang Yuan is a well recommended restaurant. The last district is Yu Jia Deng Huo on Ma'anshan West Road. Here is the best place to enjoy beautiful Yangcheng Lake while having Yangcheng Lake crab. Xie Man Lou which can be found at the end of Ma'anshan West Road is an ideal restaurant here. Other dishes like Wansan Pig’s Trotters and green glutinous rice ball are also local specialties in the city.

Aozhao noodle is one of the most famous foods in Kunshan. There are numerous Japanese teppanyaki restaurants in Kunshan, offering all-you-can-eat and drink deals for around 150rmb. These are located mainly along Bailu lu, at the intersections of chaoyang road and zhenchuan road.

If you visit Kunshan in autumn, Kunshan's suburban farms and orchards bring forth a harvest, allowing tourists to pick fruits and get close to nature. Fruit picking trips are available in many suburban towns in Kunshan, and Jinhua village in Zhangpu town is the most popular site offering fruit picking. A great number of valuable varieties were developed, some of which are recognized in fruit production programs. Jinhua village is a demonstration village in Kunshan.

It is famous for honey peaches and yellow peaches. Shangkunshi Orchard combines catering, entertainment and sightseeing. It has a large plantation area where fruit varieties including apples, pears, peaches, persimmons and apricots are cultivated. The orchard looks like a park with abundant recreational facilities, such as wooden houses, green corridors and swings.

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