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Feel Alive in Huizhou

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The traveling resources in Huizhou and its surrounding peripheral areas are abundant, especially the splendid natural scenes and the combination of natural landscape and cultural value. Thus, Huizhou wins the reputation of “Half marvelous landscape and half gentle lakes”. Due to the pleasant climate all year round, it is marvelous to visit Huizhou at any time of a year. Being the historical and cultural city of Guangdong as well as one of the 'China Top Tourist Cities', the local scenic spots are varied in mountains, rivers, seas and forests. In the north and east part of Huizhou lie ranges of mountains and hills while in the middle covers large areas of plains. The southern part of the city is decorated with long meandering coastline which brings charming sceneries.

Huizhou is a historical city of Guangdong Province. It has been historically known as "A Famous Prefecture of Lingnan" and "The Gate of Easten Guangdong". During the more than 1,000 years from the Tang Dynasty to the modern times, more than 480 Chinese celebrities had been guests or visitors at Huizhou. Renowned poet Su Dongpo of the Northern Song Dynasty once lived in Huizhou for three years. Huizhou West Lake is the first should be recommended to tourists in Huizhou, a national AAAA class scenic spot.

Mentioning the name, most people will recall the beautiful sceneries in Hangzhou West Lake, instead of the less famous Huizhou West Lake. However, this West Lake was once as famous as the Hangzhou West Lake in the history. The reputed Song Dynasty literate Sushi has been there and left many stories. Off the Dongjiang River, Luofu Mountain is one of the ten most famous mountains in China. It is also renowned for the Taoism culture. Another mountain called Nankun Mountain is located in southwest of Longmen County, it is famed as 'Green Land on the Tropic of Cancer'. Family inns and summer escape are the distinctive features of this mountain.

For those sea-lovers, Xunliao Bay situate in the Dayawan Bay, an unpolluted, quiet paradise will be ideal. The pure water, shinning white sand make it a 'Green Emerald' and 'White Golden Beach'. If you love photography, this wonderful scenic spot is a paradise for you.

Yao ethnic minority group in Longmen County has special customs, adding more charm to Huizhou. In addition, the city has become the largest battery and laser head production base in the world, the largest telephone and computer mainboard production base in Asia and the largest television, camera and other advanced electronical productions base in China. 17 of the world's top 500 enterprises have branches there.

Huizhou is famed for its long history and landscape. The local tradition is quite interesting such as Dragon Dance in the Spring Festival and Moon Admiring on Mid Autumn Festival, which is the second most important local festival. Only when you spend time exploring the city, climbing the mountains and walking through the streets, will you be fully alive to the spirit of Huizhou.

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