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Feiluan Bridge with Its Mythical Story

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Enjoy the beautiful Ludi Cave Scenic Spot and the first thing that salute the eye is the simple and dignified Feiluan Bridge, which was also known as Feilong Bridge, situated at the intersection of Taohua River and Ludi Road. The length of the bridge is 62.4m and the width measurement is 10.5m. The Feilong Bridge is the most famous structure in all of the tourist attractions in the Ludi Cave Scenic Spot with its spectacular black limestone, extensive murals, and extravagant ornamentation.

People are saying that there exist 14 small arches available at the western end of the bridge arch. These small arches are extremely appropriate for alleviating the flood's impact and the pressure of upside. Thick asphalt lashed over the chains made the road of the bridge, with the parapet that combined steel and concrete column. Feiluan Bridge boasts its solid, stable, simple and antique pontic.

The story goes that there was a little village named Xiao's village that was located nearby the Taohua River. Speaking of Feiluan Bridge, it has a history. In consideration of the fact that the dam in the village was destroyed by the flood each spring, it was not possible for people to get across the river and the local people have to renovate it time after time.

How wonderful it would be if one stone bridge was set on the Taohua River. That was the thought in everybody's mind. And then, they decide to cut into a mountain to take the stones. Along the waterway, those stone men picked a high point above the dam as abutment after careful observation. On the day when the construction of the bridge has started, people killed chicken to hold a memorial ceremony for Lu Ban who was supposed to be a consummate carpenter in ancient times.

It was surprising that the black chicken flied away in a more sudden manner during the slaughter. It had changed to a beautiful male phoenix after undergoing a brisk change. And one old stonemason said that the phoenix might be appointed by Lu Ban and the bridge should be built up there. Later, people took what the aged has suggested and actually do it. Just for the story, the bridge was named as Feiluan Bridge from that time on.

The area that the Taohua River is an area of irregular limestone, which its complex terrain and physiognomy at lime-rock area might bring difficulties and unfavorable influence to foundation construction of bridge. The great river had crystal clear waters. From the Feiluan Bridge to the Shengli Bridge, the water flows gently.

Among the peculiar mountain crags you could often find the large Taohua River whose calm and clear waters mirror the green trees and white clouds. On a sudden, you might be amazed to find the thick forests, and on both sides across the creek with hundreds-of-feet-wide land, the reflection of green trees was in the water, and you might not have sense enough to know the scenery from reflection, and lose your sense of the scenery and reflection. 

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