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Fenghuang Ancient Town

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Fenghuang Ancient City is situated in Xiangxi prefecture in province of Hunan in China. It is outstandingly well preserved town which harbours distinct customs, architectural remains, arts, ethnic languages and more of Qing as well as Ming styles. It is never touched by any kind of modernization. The term Fenghuang means Phoenix. Therefore Fenghuang Ancient City is also known by the name Phoenix Ancient town. The history behind this name is that thus mythical bird while flying over it found this beautiful town and was hesitant to leave. The natural beauty of Fenghuang Ancient Town is very outstanding one.

Portrait of Natural Beauty

All travellers visiting this town are impressed much by its elegance, mystery and also the primitive simplicity. The entire area is being dominated by green factor. The slopes of mountains are completely covered with fields and green foliage. River Tuo Jang also displays greenery. The distinct houses constructed on stilts as well as bridges over water shows a harmony which is always portrayed in conventional paintings of China. This is very evident in early mornings when mist does pass through the entire scene.

Rice Terraces

Certain sites in Fenghuang Ancient Town have to be visited only with through ticket. Those sites are East Gate Tower, Gucheng Museum, Hong Bridge, Wanshou Temple, Yang Family Ancestral Hall, Shen Congwen’s Former home, and more. It is free to visit Queen of Heaven Temple. One spot that is near to Fenghuang Ancient city is Southern Great Wall which is fully restored one. It has lot of scenic viewpoints such as rice terraces. There are many minivan drivers who can take travellers to this place. Sometimes, it becomes essential to barter well with them. The rate depends on time spent, number of travellers and travelled distance.

Popular Ginger Candy

Fenghuang Ancient City is popular for its ginger candy. There are numerous vendors who make and market this candy for nearly two to four Yuan. Never miss it! During night, the town will be filled with street food vendors who serve dumplings, flat breads, grilled meats, fried potatoes, grilled vegetables and more. Several restaurants in Fenghuang ancient town are specialized in preparation of Hot Pot. The streets that faces river are alive during night. There are many Karaoke bars with beautiful neon lights and blasting music.

Travel at Ease

It is bit hard to travel to Fenghuang when compared to other Chinese cities. The conditions of roads are poor. On holidays and weekends, travel is hectic due to heavy traffic. There is no airport in Fenghuang Ancient City. Therefore people travelling to this town have to first fly to Zhangjiajie or Huaihua. Later, they need to transfer to Fenghuang. Direct buses are not available from these airports. Frequently, flights are found to be cancelled in off season. Tongren Fenghuang Airport offers two flights everyday from Guiyang.

The best choice for travel is bus in order to reach Fenghuang. From several Chinese cities, direct buses are available. Common routes that offer direct buses are from Jishou, Zhangjiajie, Changsha and Huaihua. There is no train station in Fenghuang. This town can be very well explored by foot. Inns, hotels and Youth hostels are available for accommodation.It would be a tiring experience but every travel gives yousomething new and memorable! 

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