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Fenghuang's Hunan Cuisine

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One would own one reason to go to Fenghuang, some are meaning to the searching of towns in the fiction, some are striving for a happiness, some just want to leave the distressed behind. As for me, i only come here for food.

I used to go to many places to taste the food, but not as much as my friend, who would abandon the beautiful sceneries for the food. As i am in Chengdu, it is easier and more convenient to go to Fenghuang by train, just spend a night in the train, i can arrive my destination the next morning. My collagemate lives in Chongqing, therefore, she comes there earlier than me.

There are many delicious food in Fenghuang, no matter it is the particular Hunan restaurant or stalls along the roadside, you can smell its delicious flavor far away. If you decided to go to Fenghuang, apart from the luggages, you should also prepare a large stomach well. It is true that the farther away from the river bank, the cheaper the dishes become.

However, with the food guide available this time, i don’t have to search for delicious food by following the tips on the internet, we choose the restaurants that local people mostly visit, though it is not poetry as in the ancient town, food there are more tasty. Dawancai here has some fineness pig, in this case, vegetables become more delicious. The rice wine that my friend got from the local people is totally different from the one which sold on the market, and it is the most delicious rice wine that i ever took.

Close to the Hong bridge, there is a busy market, stew duck there is delicious, the more spicy the food is, the more food you want to taste. The most frequency place that we came is the Fenghuang Rd where is full of noddles, boiled fish with pickled cabbage and Chili, beef offal, and so on, the whole street is almost filled with staffs of bears and barbecue.

We also went to Baisha, though it is not the traveling spot, i fancy the streets there which are green and serene. It was rainy at that time, it was not dusty walking on the green stones, waterfall at the end of the road was fierce and it wet out my trousers.

I came there for food, and i came back with satisfaction given by the food, i think it is worthy to taste the delicious food there as i believe once you set off, you can get what you want.

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