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Find the Tasty Lijiang Food in Shuhe Ancient Town

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Lijiang, a magic, pretty and quiet place, has stunned the world with its unspoiled beauty. Meanwhile, it’s still necessary to spend a little time to explore the delicious food in Lijiang by passing through the alleys in the ancient town. You will have unexpected discoveries and surprises. Recommend places to enjoy the tasty of Lijiang food is the Shuhe Ancient Town.

Lijiang Specialties
Lijiang’s taste is different from neither Han nor Tibetan. Shuhe Ancient Town is near the mountain and by the river. The unique natural resources engender countless gourmet, gathered a lot of restaurants along the Square Street, where is a good place for foraging.

Lijiang Baba
Lijiang Baba is a unique Naxi flavor food and has a long history. It is one of dry food and has been come into being when the ancient people started the Tea Horse Road, characterized by relatively long storage time. It can be classified into two different tastes: sweet and salty. The main material of this food is wheat flour and oil. It is a stodgy deep-fried flour patty stuffed with meat or vegetables. The strongly aromatized pastry features a golden color and a crispy flavor. It is the most popular local food in Lijiang.

Lijiang baba

Chickpeas bean jelly
Chickpeas bean jelly is the most famous snack in Lijiang Ancient Town. Chickpeas are one kind of special beans in Lijiang, and the jelly made with Chickpeas bean is called Chickpeas bean jelly. Chicken jelly beans can be eaten with cold and hot.

As a cool food, Chickpea bean jelly is always a popular snack in summer. Mixing up the crystal flakes, pimiento, green leek, pepper, shallots, mustard, vinegar and other condiments, you will enjoy a kind of delicious food with good color, aroma and taste which is appetizing and refreshing. As a hot food, it is also a tasty snack in cold seasons. Put it on a pan and fry it till both sides become yellow color. Eating together with variety of spicy or sour condiments according to personal taste, you will feel your whole body become warm.

Chickpeas bean jelly

Lijiang Rice Sausage
Rice Sausage in Lijiang is a kind of special local food. It is made of pig blood, rice and various spices which are mixed together according to certain proportion. And then pour into the processed pig intestines. Processing and manufacturing rice sausage has become traditional habit of the Naxi Nationality in Yunnan.

Lijiang Rice Sausage

Buttered Tea
Buttered Tea has two flavors including salty and sweet flavors. It is made of butter, eggs, salt, hemp seeds, peanuts, and walnuts served in a slender wooden barrel filling with stewed liquid of tea leaves; and then use a stick to repeatedly stir.

Buttered Tea is the main way of tea drinking in numerous ethnic groups in Lijiang, and also is one of necessary food to start of a day for locals. For those people who drink buttered tea for the first time, they will feel some kind of a strange smell for the first taste. However, if they continue to drink more, they will appreciate the mellow of the tea. Buttered Tea can be sold in many stores in Lijiang Ancient Town, and it is the representative of Lijiang food.

Buttered Tea

Rainbow trout
Rainbow trout and Shuhe jelly and are very famous in Shuhe Ancient Town. Rainbow trout is an ideal food fish for its firm flesh, less small fishbone and delicious. The JiuDing Dargon Pool (one of famous attractions in Shuhe Ancient Town) is clean and biting cold, so it is the best place to breed rainbow trout.

Rainbow trout

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